7 Steps To Become an Immigration Attorney Agency

Starting an Immigration Attorney Agency – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Acquire the Right Training and Education
Although you can start an immigration attorney agency without acquiring a degree in law, but it is advisable to first acquire a degree in law before starting your own immigration attorney agency because of obvious reasons. So, if you have a degree in law and your intention is to establish your own immigration attorney agency it will be better for you to understudy someone who is already in the business. Doing so will afford you the privilege to acquire real time experience that can help you start and manage yours with little or no stress.
2. Write Your Business Plan
The next right thing to do if you are truly convinced that starting an immigration attorney agency is the right business for you to do is to write your own business plan. The essence of writing a business plan before starting any business is for you to have a road map and a blueprint of how you would want to setup, manage and expand your business. So ensure that you consider all the available factors involve in the business you are about setting up when preparing your business plan.
3. Register Your Business and Obtain the Required License and Permit
If you are through with writing your business plan and you have been able to subject the business plan to reality check, then the next step to follow is to go ahead to register the business with the corporate affairs commission of your country. No doubt being a lawyer means that you will have a full grasp of all it takes to incorporate a business.
So if you are through with registering your business, then you can now apply and obtain the required license and permit needed to be able to operate this type of business. If you reside in United States of America, you can as well join The American Immigration Lawyers Associations so as to maximize your career and business.
4. Rent and Equip Your Office
You will only require a small office space to run your own immigration attorney agency; a 2 room office space will be fine for a start. Consequently, ensure that you secure an office space in a location that is easily accessible; a business district in the heart of the city won’t be a bad idea. Once you secure your office space, then all you need to do is to furnish and equip the office. You would need a computer, a fax machine, a photocopier, a scanner, a telephone, internet device, file rack, tables and chairs.
5. Print Your Business Card
Establishing an immigration attorney agency means that you are in the service industry and one of your major business tools you would need is your business card. So ensure that you have a well designed and printed business card that clearly describe the kind of business and services you offer and how you can be contacted. With your business card intact, it will be easier for you to network when the opportunity present itself.
6. Open an Official Website
Another important thing that you need to do to give your business a cutting edge advantage in the market place is to develop a good official website for your immigration attorney agency. Your website should clearly state the immigration services you offer, testimonies of your clients, how you can be contacted, feedback channels and loads of other areas that you think will benefit your clients.
Above all, your website must be users’ friendly; anyone that visits the site should find it easier to navigate the site and get the information they are looking for. The truth is that, if you have a functional website for your immigration attorney agency, you will sure attract clients from all over the world.
7. Market and Promote Your Business
Lastly, you would need to prepare your marketing and promotional materials and then hit the road to market your business. Some of the places you need to go to market your services is any community that host migrants from different part of the world and also you can network with embassies of different nations that are present in your country (if you are running your immigration attorney agency in your home country). The truth is that if your immigration attorney agency is well positioned, people who have immigration challenges will always locate you.

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