9 Steps To Become a Knife Sharpening Service Provider

Starting a Knife Sharpening Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Study the Business
A project is never complete without a thorough research. Research is one of the ways to tap into massive information about the line of business you want to go into. Therefore, you have got to do some research on the knife sharpening business. You can get ample information from the internet about this subject. Information like the tools needed to start this business with, how much is needed, where such a business can be located and what have you. You may as well look at asking those who already have this type of business running.
2. Serve as an Intern
If you know that you really want to start this business on the right footing, then it becomes imperative that you go garner some hands-on information that will be useful for your business. If you know someone who has been able to start and build this type of business, then you may ask to be an intern there. There you would be able to see how things are pulled off, as well as the day to day operation of business.
3. Write a business Plan
Writing a business plan is very important. Why is it important, you just may ask? It is very important that you run your business with a workable template. If you can do this by yourself, it is okay. Otherwise you may look to hire a business writer expert who would be able to deal with some technical aspects of business plan writing. You have got to write your vision, mission, long term and short term goals. Write also how you want to operate, where you want to operate from, how much you want to invest in the business, amongst other information.
4. Register Your Business
If you do not only limit your business to private individuals, then you may consider doing all the paper work as it concerns registering your business. You need to determine whether it would be a sole proprietorship business, or a partnership type. Conversely, if you want to start this business from your house, you can as well. Where can you get the business registered, you may ask? The corporate affairs office in your country or the chamber of commerce office would be the appropriate place to get this done.
5. Get a Suitable Location
If you made up your mind to start to target corporate clients, then you may consider renting an office space. This space has to be such that can contain the people who would sharpen the knives; there should also be a waiting room where those who have come to sharpen their knives can wait.
6. Purchase Equipment
After you might have got the previous steps right, the next thing to do would be to purchase your sharpening tools. It is important to note that there are locally made sharpening machines. These types are a lot cheaper than the western made ones. Decide on which you want to start with.
7. Hire Employees
If you are starting on a big note, then you can consider hiring employees to help man things. On the other hand, if you want to start from your house, then you may limit the number of employees to just yourself since you can start small and grow fast. You may consider hiring experienced people that can bring excellence to the table.
8. Start the Business
Now that things have really looked up, then you can now consider starting operation. Remember to put a banner outside or poster at your business door to show those who pass by that business have commenced.
9. Advertise a Lot
This is one of the most important steps that must be taken if you want to attract loads of customers in no time. Have some workable marketing plans. You may consider printing fliers and brochures and distributing to folks within the neighborhood where you have started the business. On the other hand you can do word of mouth or blog about knives, as well as use the various social networking platforms to pull things off.
This is a very good and promising business that is able to give birth to other branches of the business. All that is required of you is to satisfy your customers with the best of services and in no time you would get to the zenith.

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