6 Steps To Become a Security Consulting Firm

Starting a Security Consulting Firm – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Develop a Business Plan-: A business plan is very vital to the success of any business because if you don’t have a specific plan for your business and you start the business, the business will not go far because it lacks the basic blue print that serves as a guide to business. So first and foremost, you need to write a detailed business plan for your security company. The plan should cover the security service your company will specialize in, the estimate amount of capital needed to run the business and how to raise the capital.
Will the business be a sole proprietorship business or will there be partners? What goals do you think your firm will achieve in the coming years and what steps will you take to work towards achieving the goals? And finally, the marketing skills you will use to get clients to your firm. If you can give a complete and detailed answer to these questions, you will be able to develop a business plan for your business.
2. Get Specialized Training-: Starting a business consulting firm shows that you have a vast experience in the area of security; but you have to go for some specialized security training to be able to offer top niche security consulting service to your clients. Some of the specialized courses and certifications you can get include; Professional Security Protection (PSP), certified Protection Professional (CPP), etc.
Getting these certifications will make your firm look more credible to your clients. Also, you should get to learn about new sophisticated technological gadgets in the security world because you will need them to combat some day to day security challenges that will come up as you run your security consulting firm.
3. Register your Company-: I mentioned that the organizational structure of the business in the business plan option; whether the business will operate as a sole proprietorship business or a partner is all dependent on you. But whichever structure you choose, you need to make sure that the business is duly registered with the right agencies, to allow it operate as a legal body. Check with the Company registration bureau in your State and find out the process and requirements needed to incorporate a company and get your company registered.
4. Acquire the Needed Licenses-: The security industry is a sensitive industry, so you require some permits and licenses to permit you run a security consulting firm. You need to get a State Issued Private Security License and also a Security Bond to run a security consulting business. Also, you need to get an Employee Identification Number from the State Internal Revenue department. Finally, most States make it mandatory that every business should have a business insurance cover to operate as a business entity; locate an insurance company and choose the best business insurance cover that suits your firm.
5. Employ Workers-: You are likely not going to run this business alone; you need to pick employees that are already have at least basic security training and certifications. You also need an assistant, a receptionist, an account officer, a legal adviser amidst others to run the firm.
6. Advertise Your Business-: Your firm will experience little or no progress if you don’t create an extensive awareness for it, no matter how good your security consulting service is. Some real ways you can advertise your consulting firm include;
  • Networking With People in The Industry-: By networking, I mean you should relate with other top people in the security industry; you can join security clubs like ASIS, attend conferences and exhibitions, share your complimentary cards to new business associates you meet in such meetings.
  • Opt to Make Introductory Speeches-: Another way you can create awareness for yourself and your business is to opt to make introductory speeches at security related conferences. Before the speech, a brief introduction is usually made about the Speaker and his achievements in the field. This will give your firm the needed exposure.
  • Send Out Proposals to Companies-: You can make a list of companies that may require the services of a security consulting firm and send in a proposal to them. Most times, the Government may have jobs for private security consulting firms. You can also send in proposals when sure opportunities arise.
  • Collaborate With Other Firms-: Other security firms around should not be seen as competitors, since each security firm has its area of specialization; you can collaborate with another to contribute your expertise on a security related matter to build the needed business relationship.
So far, I have been able to do a brief introduction on security consulting service and what it is all about, I went on to mention steps you need to take to start a security consulting firm, and concluded with discussing four ways you can advertise your consulting firm and get the needed clients. Finally, the only thing that may be standing between you and owing a successful security consulting firm may be your decision to take the first step to get started.

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