8 Steps To Become a Powder Coating Company

Starting a Powder Coating Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Carry out an adequate research
If you are a rookie when it comes to the powder coating, then the first rule of thumb would be that you read-up all you can lay your hands on powder coating. The internet is full of information on different subjects. You could also want to get a Powder Coater’s Handbook that would sure help get you started on the right footings. Do not forget that with loads of information you can make a difference.
2. Register a Company
Starting a business that is legal will require you getting it registered and certified. Good enough, the process of registering businesses globally is seen to be less cumbersome these days, because most governments now encourage entrepreneurs at all levels. So get all the documentations needed to start your own Powder Coating Business. Be sure to get a business name that can easily depict what your business is all about.
3. Obtain a License
Powder Coating Business is one of those businesses that require licensing before you can start operating it. The reason is because of the risks involved. Since it involves dealing with hazardous chemicals on a daily basis, a regulatory body is required to oversee the activities of this kind of business. In developing countries, no license is needed to start this kind of business, especially when it is being operated on a small scale, mainly for servicing the automotive and furniture market.
4. Get a Facility
You must consider some factors when getting a location for your business. Since the powder coating business is a hazardous one because of the chemicals involved, the facility being used must meet certain standards. It must be located in an industrial area and not in a residential part of the town. This is done to protect people from inhaling the very harmful chemicals. The facility is also required to meet all health, fire and safety standards of the state or country you are operating in.
Some people who want to start on a small scale still choose to start from their garage and grow into getting a facility in an industrial area. If you choose starting out from your garage, be sure it is safe and you are not breaking the law that exists in your state or country.
5. Proximity to a Mechanics workshop
Another point to note here is that, you might need to get a facility that is closely located to a mechanic workshop. This is because for now the automotive industry is still the largest market for powder coating services. Hence, your clients revolve around those who come to the mechanic’s workshop to have their cars serviced for one reason or the other.
6. Equip Your Facility
You would need a powder coating spray booth with adequate ventilation, exhaust ducts, spray guns, a curing oven, work benches and vices, IR Curing Lamps, Performance Deflector, a Tub and an area big enough for drying the objects coated. Also , powder coating pigments and materials needed in blending them, Dust mask, goggles, disposable hand gloves, Pressure Blaster, Blast Cabinet, Silicone Caps and Plugs, Hanging Wire, Wire Wheel, High Temperature Lab Metal, Pocket Infrared Thermometer, Shop Vacuum , Glass Beads, High Temperature Masking Tapes and air blown gun, et al. You can readily get all of the equipments from the market or order them online.
7. Develop your Marketing Blue Print
Starting a business no matter how huge the potential of making profit is means you must market your product to enjoy the profits. Creating a workable marketing blue print will help you grow your business. The truth is that as long as people use cars, bicycles, IT and telecoms components, powder coatings will always be needed. It is just a matter of positioning your company, so that your service will always be used. For the start, you can approach mechanic workshops to inform them of what you do, so they can refer clients to you. If you have the fun you can place advert on both electronic and print media.
8. Hire Good Hands
Getting started with the powder coating business means that you must be ready to hire competent people who would help carry out the day to day activities. This also depends on the scale at which you want to set out. If you choose to start out small, you might want to hire one person or two. While if it is on a big scale then you might want to higher more hands to get the job done. Take note that on whatever scale you opt to start on, you cannot start out alone. You would always need experienced people.
With all the information provided in this read, you would agree that going into such a business as this requires that you adhere strictly to the steps given. Not conforming to these tips might result in you starting on the very wrong footing.

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