9 Steps To Become a Block Moulding Industry

Starting a Block Moulding Industry – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Market Survey
The role of an extensive market survey just cannot be overemphasized. This is one step that must be scaled through before moving on to the others. Doing this would enable you know the business too well, ways to start out, the advantages as well as the possible disadvantages of dabbling into the block moulding industry. You can do this by surfing the internet. You can also get adequate information when you read books. You may also consider visiting some block moulding industries.
2. Get a Business Name and Have Your Business Documented
This like other types of businesses that are documented needs to be documented. Since the block moulding business might not be a type to be run from home, then you must see the reason why coming up with a business name as well as getting it registered is the right thing to do. This however all depends on the country you are in as there are different criteria involved. All the same, take out time to get an expert intimate you on how to go about your documentation and licensing.
3. Get Trained
You might agree with me that it is expedient for you to have an idea of what you are going into even as a newbie. You may consider asking some block moulding industries to be a trainee. You may also want to go on excursions to these industries just so that you acquire the right knowledge. This varies from country to country as some of these industries may demand that you pay a fee to get trained.
4. Get a Location
Now that you seem to have learnt quite a lot, then you might want to ask your realtor to get you a location for business. It is very expedient that you locate your business in a non residential area, but also in an area that is still accessible. Other things to consider are proximity to water supply. A 60 by 120 plot of land in a place that isn’t prone to flood as well as swampy. When you get all these things in place then you indeed are ready to set off smoothly.
5. Equipment Needed
Next up would be the acquiring of the much needed equipment to get your business rolling. These are the following things you would need; a block processing machine, a sound Lister generator, a truck as well as wooden pallets. For the lister generator, a truck, and the block processing machine, you may want to start out with the fairly used ones if you do not have enough capital to acquire the brand new ones. However, as your profit soars, you could then upgrade to newer ones.
6. Employ Workers
You can start with a minimum of five workers and then expand as the business expands. This would mean having two mixers, two carriers and one operator. This can be pulled off from one moulding point and by the time you increase your sites and production you would definitely need to get more hands.
7. Produce Only the Best
Every buyer would look out to see if your blocks are solid and are of high quality. Therefore you must not take quality control lightly .You must ensure that your workers are well informed about the need to always produce blocks that meet great standard. When good blocks are produced, then you can be sure to attract more customers.
8. Attract Your Target Audience
By now you should already know who your target buyers are and where they can be located. Therefore, you must do all that it takes to locate them. You may also want to consider telling people about your business. Another form of attracting more clients is by lowering your price slightly than that of your competitors, so as to enter the market gallantly.
9. Train and Re-train Your Workers
It is a known fact that for any employer to get the best out of any employee, he must be ready to invest in some training. In this case these are factory workers and the quality of performance you want to get out from them should be the same measure you instill in them, if not more. You may consider getting an expert to come re-train them from time to time so as to keep the vision and goals of your business alive.
Would these steps help me really get started with my block moulding business? It sure would help, however you must also be reminded of the need to always hope for the best as you build your business. This is because of the role having a positive mindset in launching out any business plays. Therefore, after all of the steps in this read has been followed you can be rest assured that with a mind of positivity you would get to the zenith in no time at all.

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