10 Steps To Become a Lucrative Desktop Publishing Business

Desktop publishing involves using the computer and special software packages to create visual displays of ideas and information. Documents produced by a desktop publisher may be distributed in print (such as brochures and business cards) or electronically (such as ebooks and newsletters).
Desktop publishing is a large field comprising many specialties or niches. This explains why there are many players in the business, yet there is still enough room for new entrants. If you are looking to venture into the desktop publishing business, then below are 10 lucrative business ideas to consider:

Top 10 Lucrative Desktop Publishing Business Ideas to Start from Home

1. Print communication
Businesses are constantly in need of print materials for communicating their products and services to potential customers. Examples of these materials include brochures, fliers, ads, handbills, and posters. These materials are very effective for offline advertising, as they help spread word of businesses to customers who cannot be reached through online advertising.
2. Large prints design
Ever wondered how those huge display adverts you see on the highway came to be? They were created by desktop publishers who are specialists in designing and printing large-sized graphics. This aspect of desktop publishing is very lucrative, as it typically caters to businesses and organizations who want to the seen and known by potential customers.
3. Cartoonist
Cartoons are used to spread messages or simply make people laugh. The cartoon section is one of the most commonly read section of newspapers and magazines, and this is why publishers always hire professional cartoonists to draw amusing cartoons for their audience. If you have a blend of great artistic skills and creativity, then you can make a living working as a cartoonist.
4. Web design
The set up and design of a professional website requires inputs from a number of individuals such as programmers, content writers, and graphic designers. The graphic designer, a type of desktop publisher, handles the main design aspect to ensure the complete website is aesthetically pleasing. So, whenever you land on a website and you are wowed by the design, then you should commend the badass graphics designer who must have created the theme, banner, and other aspects to produce that final effect.
5. Ebook formatting
The demand for ebooks is on the rise. Individuals and businesses now produce free ebooks to attract leads and establish their expertise and authority, or paid ebooks to generate profits. While most ebook authors can write the content themselves, most of them lack the skills needed to format their ebooks in an aesthetically alluring way. And research has proven that the design is what attracts attention to an ebook in the first place. No one wants to kill their ebook with a poor design, so they hire a professional to handle that part for them.
6. Custom business/office supplies
To spread word of their products and services, businesses use custom supplies and materials for packaging their products. Manufacturing companies use custom branded wrappers to package their products, just as retail stores use branded shopping bags and boxes to pack ordered items for their customers. Desktop publishers design these custom branded packaging items.
In addition, most corporate organizations have custom-made office supplies such as pens, jotting pads, calendars, and other items for in-house use by their employees. While these items are not for public use, they speak volume about the reputation and strength of an organization.
7. Souvenirs
During special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and so on, celebrants distribute items that have been custom-branded with either the name of the celebrant or that of the occasion. Such branding is made to make memories of the occasion last longer in the minds of those present. Examples of item used as souvenirs include pens, notebooks, cups/jugs, T-shirts, clocks, and many more.
8. Business branding
Some desktop publishers specialize in helping businesses build their brand through the design of professional logos, letterheads, business cards, and catalogs. As this option caters to business owners, it has huge profit potential.
9. Decorations
Another lucrative aspect of desktop publishing is the design of stickers or labels, greeting cards for various occasions, calendars for home and office use, envelopes, and wallpapers. If you are very creative and can churn out more-than-countable unique designs within a short period, this option is for you.
10. Desktop publishing tutorials
Due to the multiple applications of desktop publishing and its huge relevance, more individuals are seeking to learn how to use the various software packages used by desktop publishers. You can make additional income by teaching other people how to use programs like Photoshop, Microsoft publisher, Corel Draw, and so on.

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