20 Steps To Become a Legitimate Business Work from Home

If you are an unemployed college graduate or a full-time housewife, then working from home is a good option for you to make extra money or even earn full time income. With the recent advancement in technology and the massive migration of business and corporate organizations from in-house recruitment to low cost outsourcing, the work from home opportunities will only get bigger and more lucrative.
In fact, most companies now prefer to work with home based independent contractors; rather than hire full time employees because it is a great way to reduce operating expenses. Today, we have self made home based millionaire entrepreneurs and self employed people.
Now instead of sitting at home and complaining about the increasing unemployment rate in the country (sorry but I think conventional employment is a dying trend), you can use your skills to make money from home. There are many home-based businesses that you can start that require little to no capital.
But you will need a personal computer and a good internet connection, since many of these businesses are internet-based. So without wasting your time, below are the top 20+ best home based businesses you can choose from.

1.  Freelance writing
If you are a very good writer, then you can make money with your writing skills by writing for clients both online and offline. There’s a constant demand by clients for blog posts, website content, sales copies, press releases, newsletters, and other forms of text. Similarly individuals and businesses sometimes need to hire ghostwriters for their letters of recommendation,business plans, and business proposals. So, you have got a huge market to serve.
2.  Data entry
There are many data entry positions on the web. Data entry simply entails handling data for clients such as copying and pasting, uploading, and transferring files. These tasks are usually very tedious and most business professionals are too busy to handle them. So, they would rather employ people to help them.
3.  Translation
If you are fluent in two or more languages, you can help clients translate text from one language to another. You will find many open translation jobs on freelance outsourcing sites like Elance.com and Freelancer.com.
4.  Video creation
Videos are fast becoming the most widely adopted means of information dissemination over the web. Because videos increase search engine visibility, individuals and organizations now upload videos as a way of promoting their businesses and increasing brand awareness. So, if you have a good digital camera and you are good at converting PowerPoint and flash files to video format, this business idea is for you.
5.  Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online businesses. This is how it works: you advertise and review other people’s products and services, and you get a commission on each sale you make. The more you sell, the more profit you make.
6.  Babysitting
Obviously, this is for females. If you love babies and you enjoy taking care of them, then you can make money by helping busy mothers around you look after their babies when they are off to work or some other places. If this sounds like a business you can do, then here’s an in-depth guide on how to start a babysitting business.
7.  Tutoring
Do you know that you can make money teaching English language online? Well, I guess you don’t know. If you are very knowledgeable in a particular field or skill (such as playing the piano), then you can make a fortune by tutoring others. Similarly, if you are good at teaching academic subjects, approach mothers whose kids are in school and offer to help their kids improve on their academic performances.
8.  Laundry services
Even though people want to look good at all times, they rarely have enough time for laundry. You can make a lot of cash by starting a laundry business because you have a market around you regardless of your location.
9. Writing for magazines
Newspapers and magazines readily pay high rates for great articles and stories. If you are able to create such pieces regularly, you will make a fortune. You can start by pitching your ideas to the editor of your local newspaper.
10.  Graphic design
If you are very creative with pictures and colors, you can make money by working as a graphics designer.  Website banners, company logos, and book covers are designed by professional graphic designers.
11.  PC / Mobile phone repair
If you are a gifted in handling and repairing electronic devices, you can undergo training to become a PC or mobile phone repair specialist. Repairing PCs or mobile phones is a very lucrative business because almost everyone has a PC and a Smartphone, and these devices pick up major or minor faults at times.
12.  Website design
If you are a very creative designer with some basic HTML skills, you can train to become a website designer. Individuals and organizations are frequently in need of website designers and developers to help them design and tweak their websites.
13.  Online store
You can make a lot from money by setting up your own online store and promoting it. Though promoting this business and attracting customers can be very tedious, it is always very rewarding in the end.
14.  Cartoonist
If you are a very good artist, you can make money by drawing interesting cartoons and comics for newspapers and magazines. This job requires some creativity on your part, and if you have it, you will be a hotcake.
15.  Selling used products
Most of the time, people will readily sell their used products for very ridiculous prices because they no longer need them. However, some other people who need these used items are usually willing to pay more for them because they need the items. You can make a fortune by buying used products that people no longer need and reselling them to others who need them.
16.  Social media manager
Celebrities and organizations are using social media to interact with their fans and customers. And they are getting great results. But they are too busy to keep their social media profiles alive. So, they are ready to pay social media managers to help them manage their accounts.
17.  Virtual assistants
Busy business owners and professionals rarely have time to handle tasks such as reading and replying emails, preparing speeches and reports, transferring files, and so on. You can make money off of these individuals by helping them handle these tasks. Interestingly, you can work as a virtual assistant for someone even without meeting your client in person.
18.  Search Engine Optimization
Everyone with an internet presence wants to improve their search engine visibility. And they are ready to pay huge amounts just to ensure that their websites or blogs rank high in search engine listings for their target keywords. So, you can make money by rendering SEO services.
19.  Professional blogging
Starting a blog is another proven way to make money. But keep in mind that the profits won’t come until after several months, depending on how much effort you put into promoting your blog. So, if you have some knowledge that you want to share with others, or you have some interests that you will like to discuss with an audience, starting a blog is your best bet.
20.  App development
The app industry is fast becoming one of the most lucrative markets in the tech world. Developers make up to 6-figures depending on the number of apps they develop and how useful people find those apps. If you are very good at coding and programming, you can make a fortune by developing apps.

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