20 Types of Small Business To Become Personal Trainers

Fitness has become very important in our society today. Everyone now understands the importance of staying fit and healthy. Being fit helps to reduce the risk of contacting obesity-related diseases like hypertension, diabetes, stroke and infertility. People with busy schedules who cannot spare the time to visit the gym usually hire people known as personal trainers who would work based on their time schedule and take them through a physical training session. Some people also hire physical trainers to help them achieve some desired results because a physical trainer would know the right exercises and equipment that would produce such results.

Personal training is an exciting job. You get to meet new people every day and then the pleasure you get from seeing your clients achieve their desired results is just indescribable. Even though personal trainers are getting more jobs now compared to what the demand was like several years ago, some personal trainers still have challenges with getting enough clients.

As a personal trainer, there are several other businesses in the fitness industry that you can do to increase your earnings. You would not only earn more money, you would also increase awareness for your business and get more clients for your personal training business by doing any of the followings:

Top 20 Small Business ideas for Personal Trainers

1. Selling gym equipment-: Along with your physical training business, you could make money from selling gym equipment to your clients or to people in your area. You could sell dumbbells, stepper machines, treadmills, bicycles and several other gym equipment that are usually in hot demand.
2. Organize boot camps-: Boot camps are a very good place for people to shed some pounds and meet with people who have similar goals. You could start organizing fitness boot camps and make money from participation fees that interested people would pay you.
3. Diet planner-: Diet is a very important part of fitness. Without the right food, it’s difficult to achieve perfect results. You could develop a meal time-table and sell to people who are interested in knowing the right foods to eat to keep fit.
4. Selling weight loss supplements-I: There are several nutritional supplements in the market that helps to aid weight loss, build muscles or reduce food cravings. You could start selling similar products too.
5. Start a reality show on weight loss-: You could earn money from getting sponsorships for your own reality show which would be a form of encouraging and helping people who want to lose weight.
6. Become a Physical therapist-: You could also help people who sustained injuries or have been in an accident to recover from injuries that may have affected the proper functioning of their bodies.
7. Start a weight loss club-: A weight loss club is a good way for people who want to lose weight to meet, interact and be inspired by each other. You would earn money from the membership subscription fees.
8. Develop a weight loss tracking application-: Mobile applications are also good tools for people to track their weight loss results, record their food intake and exercises. You could develop a mobile application with a fitness theme and sell in apps markets like Google play, mobogenie etc
9. Exercise DVD’s-: Exercise DVD’s are also hot products in the fitness industry. You could produce your own weight loss DVD and make money from selling and distributing it too.
10. Become a school P.E teacher-: You could also look for schools around you that need P.E teachers and offer your services as a part-time P.E teacher.
11. Starting a health club-: Just like a weight loss club, you could start a health club for people who want to stay healthy. They would be able to interact with each other, share information and tips on how to live healthy lives.
12. Writing fitness books-: If you are gifted with writing, you could make money from writing and selling fitness books. Even if you don’t know how to write, you could still employ a ghostwriter who would write it for you and then transfer all rights to you.
13. Organize workshops and seminars-: You could also make money from organizing workshops and seminars for people who are interested in learning about health and fitness. At those seminars, you could sell educational materials like books and tapes.
14. Nutrition coaching-: The problem with many people who want to be fit is that they have little idea on the types of foods to eat, how to eat balanced diets and which classes of food to avoid. Many people end up jeopardizing their health as a result of one crash diet or the other. As a nutrition coach, your job would be to help people make better food choices so that they can be fit and healthy at the same time.
15. Corporate fitness -: Some organizations hold P.E sessions from time to time to help their staff keep fit. You could apply to such organizations for an opportunity to be their in-house fitness coach.
16. Fitness blogging: Another great idea is to start a blog for discussing fitness-related topics.
17. Athletic coach-: Athletes usually need help with training. You could look out for such athletes and work with them one-on-one.
18. Start your own gym-: This is every personal trainer’s dream; to own a gym where your clients can come in at anytime for workouts and they can also have access to a wide range of gym equipment.
19. Weight loss restaurant/fast food-: When your clients do not eat the right food, it jeopardizes your efforts as a personal trainer. Most busy people can hardly spare the time to cook their own meals and they are left with no other choice but to rely on fast food outlets and restaurants and most times, these meals are not the right choice for people who want to lose weight or maintain their already fit bodies. Starting a restaurant or fast-food outlet that serves people who are health conscious won’t be a bad idea.
20. Design exercise equipment-: Lastly, you could choose to design and produce your own exercise equipment. You could start from little equipment like dumbbells, skippers, sit-up bench and then gradually, you could start manufacturing the bigger equipment.

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