20 Steps To Become Small Business in the Clothing Industry

If you have been reading some of the previous posts on this blog, then you would already be aware of how profitable the clothing industry is and how people have been making several thousands of dollars as profit just from producing, distributing and selling clothes. No doubt, the clothing industry has so many lucrative business opportunities for anyone to invest in. So what are the top 20 lucrative and trending business ideas in the clothing industry?

Top 20 Small Business Ideas in the Clothing Industry

1. Printing and Embroidery Services-: Clothing designers need people to enhance the beauty of their designs by adding some decorative embroidery and printing, Although you would need to invest in some equipment and get some training to be able to handle this business, it is one of the best businesses you can do in the fashion industry,
2. Clothing rentals-: Clothing rentals? You probably thought you weren’t reading clearly right? Yes, clothing rentals is business and good business at that. Now think of this, popular celebrities are so well popular that they are followed around everywhere they go and they have their pictures taken at every event. So, they find it difficult to re-rock the same clothes over and over again to avoid becoming the joke of the week on the next episode of Fashion police.
You can take advantage of this to start a clothing rental business where celebrities can rent high-end designer dresses to wear to events. There are also non-celebrities who regularly attend events and go on dates and need to look good for the outing. You can also start a clothing rentals business to cater to such people too.
3. Uniform production and sales-: Uniform production is also very lucrative. You can produce uniforms for schools, sports teams, factories and social organizations and if you are lucky enough, you could land deals with organizations that require large quantities of uniforms like the military or the police.
4. Vintage clothing-: Fashion is something that revolves. Palazzo pants were in vogue when I was 6 years old but now they seem to be back in trend. There are some people who just love vintage pieces because they are unique and of good quality and apart from that, movie producers also use them as costumes for their movies. You would definitely make money from starting a vintage clothing shop, especially if you take it online.
5. Wedding Cloth rentals-: For me, it’s a complete waste of resources to spend $1,000 on a dress that you can only wear once; money that would rather be invested in a new business. And I’m sure there are thousands of ladies out there who hold the same opinions. Some don’t even mind spending that much but the problem is, they cannot afford it so they’ll rather stick with renting a wedding dress which is more affordable. You can start a rentals business for renting out wedding dresses for brides and bridesmaids.
6. Secondhand clothing sales-: A lot of people buy secondhand clothing. I have even heard some people say that they prefer secondhand clothes to new ones because secondhand clothes are usually more durable. Well, I wouldn’t know how true that is but what I do know is that if you start a secondhand clothing business, getting people to patronize you wouldn’t be a problem.
7. Cloth recycling-: People clean out their closets all the time and you can certainly make money from collecting or buying unwanted clothes and processing them to be sold as second hand clothing or to be processed into other things like blankets and mats.
8. Clothing line-: You can also consider starting your own clothing brand but you do need a lot of money and time to do this.
9. Clothing boutique-: Another idea is to start a clothing retail store where people can walk in to buy their clothes. You may have to choose a niche in this business and decide if you want to serve men, women, children or senior citizens.
10. Alterations and Fabric Restoration-: Sometimes people lose weight and their clothes loose fitting and vice versa and sometimes, you buy a dress and you feel like it is almost perfect but for one little reservation. This is what alteration services are for. They help to fix garment problems so you don’t have to throw out that $500 dress you bought last month because it’s no longer hugging your body.
11. Fabric shop-: You can also consider starting a supply business to cater to fashion designers and garment manufacturers. Of course, they need fabric to make clothes.
12. Design school-: What about starting a fashion design school to train aspiring designers? Tuition fees for fashion schools are usually very high and though you would need a lot of money to start the business, your financial status would definitely receive a boost when your school is open.
13. Lingerie Designer-: A ladies dressing isn’t complete without the right lingerie for support. You can branch out from the norm and invest in a lingerie line instead.
14. Fashion Stylist-: Another idea is to become a fashion stylist. Fashion stylists dress people especially celebrities for events and photo shoots.
15. Personal shopper-: Personal shoppers know their client’s tastes and preferences, they know where to get the best deals and they know about seasons and trends. If you are someone who loves to shop and know a great deal about fashion, then there’s opportunity for you in the clothing industry to become a personal shopper.
16. Senior Citizen clothing-: Everyone wants to sell clothes for children and young adults but who would serve the senior citizens. There are very few of such businesses around that cater solely to senior citizens. You can also make cool cash when you start a senior citizen boutique.
17. Product sourcing company-: You could also help clothing line companies, source for raw materials for garment production
18. Cloth distributor-: Also, you can become a middleman between the cloth manufacturers and retailers by becoming a cloth distributor.
19. T-shirt design and printing-: T-shirt design and printing is also very popular and lucrative. You can either do this online or offline.
20. Children’s clothing-: People in the know understand the fact that children’s clothing doesn’t come cheap. You can start a boutique specializing on kids’ attire.

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