5 Steps To Become a Nail Polish Manufacturing Company

If you are a fashionista or you keep up with fashion trend, you will know that a nail polish is considered as a necessary accessory needed to complete a lady’s dressing; and most ladies now make it a fashion rule to ensure that the colour of their nail polish matches the colour of any clothing they are putting on at the moment; which means they change their nail polish almost daily.
You can take advantage of this trend and start a nail polish manufacturing company that will focus in producing quality nail polish and nail polish remover for ladies. This article will put you through on things you need to start this line of business and how you can start and run it.

2 Things You Need to Start a Nail Polish Manufacturing Company

  1. Capital-: You don’t need a lot of capital to start and run a nail polish manufacturing company. All you need is basic money to rent a space, buy raw materials that is needed for production and packaging, and a little money to be spent of advertising and marketing the nail polish product; after you are done with production.
  2. Validation by Food Drug Administration-: Another necessary thing you have to put in place is to get a license or validation from (FDA) which is the body in charge of licensing food, drugs and related products. This is to certify that they fit for human consumption.

Starting a Nail Polish Manufacturing Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Get Training on How to Produce Nail Polish-: This is the first necessary step you need to take when starting a nail polish company. You may be a fashionista with knowledge of how to combine two or more nail polish colours to get some unique colours, but have zero knowledge in the practical knowledge of nail polish production. There are some free videos and courses online that you can download and watch the practical steps to manufacture nail polish.
But if you plan to go commercial, I mean going big time with your company; then you have to undergo training or internship in a top nail polish manufacturing company to get all the knowledge you need to produce the best nail polish in commercial quantity. You can add in some basic management and accounting course while you are at it.
2. Register a Company-: After undergoing the training, the next step is to register a company that will run as a legal entity. If you wish to start small and run the business alone with few employees for starters, then you should start with a sole proprietorship registration. But if you are starting up in a bigger way, with other persons as partners and many employees, then you have to register the business as a private limited company. Remember that you can also upgrade the company registration type in the future when your company expands.
3. Source for Raw Material and Start Production-: It is time to start source for raw materials and start production. The major raw materials you will need for the production of nail polish are: solvents, Colours, resins, nitrocellulose which serves as a film way to make the nail polish solidify fast. You need to find a supplier that can supply you the necessary raw materials at an affordable price to enable you maximize your profit.
Before you start the production process; you need to work on the first sample that will serve as a framework or guide for mass production. You have to get others involved if you wish to create a quality and unique product. You will need fashion persons, a professional in the nail production business and people to test the product until the perfect sample is produced. Once you get the first sample, it is time to start production in mass or commercial quantity.
Please remember to get the validation or license from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or its related body in your state. It will give your customers confidence in your product, since they know that your product must be of a top quality for it to be validated by FDA.
4. Packaging-: Nail polish is usually packaged in small transparent container; bottle or fibre container; then a sticker containing the company logo, name and location is placed on the body. This should serve as a basis for your own packaging. You can customize the packaging a little by making the cover of the nail polish the same colour with the nail polish inside.
5. Sales-: No matter how good you think your product is, if you can’t get people to buy the product; then it is considered a failure. After the production, it is time to advertise your product to start making sales. Some things you can do to scale up your sales include;
  • Incorporate Private Label Right Service-: This means that you handle contracts to design, brand and produce nail polish for other companies that wish to start a nail polish manufacturing company without having to do the actual production. And trust me when I say that there are many companies and individuals that will place bulk orders for PLR production especially if they trust your company to produce high quality nail polish products according to their specifications. Most times, for PLR services; you just need to produce the nail polish itself and supply it to the company or individual that placed the order for them to handle the packaging and branding.
  • Online Presence-: Any company or business that is yet to have an online presence is missing out on the hundreds of people visiting the internet everyday who are also potential customers. The best way to build your online presence is to create a website that will serve as a Blog and an ecommerce site. The Blog will serve as where you write fashion related articles that have to do with nail polish and its uses; and the eCommerce section will contain the company’s various nail polish products and options for people to place their orders on the site with an easy-to-understand payment system.

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