7 Steps To Become a Comedy club Business

Have you ever laughed so hard, that you almost had to pee in your panties? Well, if you have, you would agree that laughing is one great experience that calms the nerves. In fact experts have also said that laughter is the best medicine, and indeed it is. This is no wonder that some folks wouldn’t mind paying a lot to catch a comedy show.
The art of stand –up comedy have existed as long as the human race have- like the minstrel shows of the 1800s. This is because every human has the tendency to make another fellow laugh. However, truth is that there are some folks who just know how to pull things off comically than others. These are the type of people that are adjudged professional comedians.
There is no educational requirement required to be a comedian, all that is required would be to have a very concentrated sense of humor, so good enough to make a mammoth crowd laugh hard. If you want to start a comedy club, then you may consider starting it as it is one good business to go into.

Starting a Comedy club – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Some Work
You need plenty of information on how to start this business and you can’t possibly do this without a whole lot of knowledge. Rightly so, it is for this reason that you must be alert to read up plenty. There are several books that have been authored by renowned stand up comedians and comediennes; such books would do you a world of good. On the other hand you can do a lot with the internet. The internet as you already may know is rich with information and so you must embrace it.
2. Check out Competitions
Just before you start your own comedy club business; it is important that you survey for competition. It would do you a whole lot of good to go to other comedy clubs to check out for the latest trends in the industry, current offerings, as well as slip-ups that occur in the industry. You may also want to use the opportunity to check out for drink prices at this comedy clubs, check out the ambience, the ticketing processes, as well as be sure to observe the talents. Doing all these would do just one thing; and that is to help you make the right choices as you look to start your own comedy club business.
3. Get a Location
This is one step that needs a whole lot of attention. This is because it is important that you locate your comedy club in a good environment- where you can readily attract the upwardly mobile folks who would be able to afford your tickets. You can also locate your business near other established entertainment establishments like; restaurants, bars, shopping malls, movie theatres and all what not. This is so that you can have some folks drop by to catch a comedy show after shopping, seeing a movie, or having dinner.
4. Set up a Kitchen
It is true that in some comedy clubs, dinner is served. Therefore, you have got to decide whether to have a kitchen or not. Having a kitchen within the comedy club, means that you can offer dinner specials when you have some comedy special nights. Also you can decide to have some special dinner, especially when you plan to have some very important personalities in attendance.
5. Set Pricing
Pricing is one very important step that you must be ready to get right. You can develop your pricing rate as you check out the price of other competition. After you have done this, then you can be able to set the guidelines for your own price. Be sure that you do not over price your stuff so that you do not scare folks away.
6. Book Talents
This step depends largely on the amount of funds that you have set aside to run your business. This is so important because if for instance you are looking to go for already established talents, do bear in mind that you would have to pay high fees compared when you hire upcoming talents. You may want to start with the small talents so that as time goes on then you can begin to book for the big talents that exist in the industry.
7. Advertise Your Club
This is one of the most important steps that you must not miss out on. You have got to develop wonderful marketing plans so as to get your comedy club known. You may consider adopting the internet means by advertising on high earned clubs, through emails, via the various social media sites that are available. You can also consider printing fliers and circulating it. This ways your comedy clubs would be known by all and sundry in a little space of time.
Are these all the tips that are required to start a comedy club? You bet that these are some of the very expedient steps that you must follow to be a great comedy club owner. Do all these and you would be on your way to having one of the very best comedy clubs in your town. Also, be sure to change your style of service as soon as you see there is a change in the industry.

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