7 Steps To Become a Drone Flight School Business

The use of drones is no longer restricted to the military; loads of organizations have employed the use of drones and the industry is still opening up. If you have been trained in drone technology and you are good in it, then you should consider starting a training school where you will train people on how to fly drones. You will be amazed that there are loads of people who will be willing to pay huge money to learn how to fly drones.
No doubt, starting a school where you are to train people on how to fly drones can be very expensive because you would acquire drones and then apply for license from the government of your country. The truth is that drone training business is indeed a profitable venture because people are willing to pay from their nose to acquire this training. As a matter of fact, all those that are trained on how to fly drones are always in high demand and they are well paid.
Starting a drone training school requires commitment, hard work and constant researching. You would have to go through the rigors of obtaining license and permit from the federal government before you can start teaching people how to fly drones. This type of business is still being regulated by the government due to the security risks involved.
Now let us quickly go through the 7 surefire tips you have to follow to be able to start a business teaching people to fly drones:

Starting a Drone Flight School – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Carry out a Survey
The first thing you are expected to do before committing your money and time into starting your training school is to carry out a survey. Drones are not commonly used, but it is gradually becoming popular and a lot of people and organizations are now making use of drones to handle some of their task.
As a matter of fact, the result you get from your survey helps you identify organizations that make use of drones and organizations that are willing to send some of their staffs to come learn how to fly drones in your training school, you would be able to identify those that will work with you, you will be able to know where to obtain your license and permit and loads of other stuffs that will help you successfully start your own training school that teaches people how to fly drones.
2. Draft Your Business Plan
The rule of thumb in starting any business is to take out time to work on your business plan. The truth is that the usefulness of having a business plan in place before starting your business cannot be over emphasized. For this reason, ensure that you draft a good business plan with strategies on how to expand your business and how to maximize profit.
3. Get the Required Training and Certifications
Before you start a training school that involves training people how to fly drones, you would have undergone some drone training yourself. There are places where you can enroll for the trainer course on how to fly drone. You can search for such school from the internet. Most of the people that can easily start a drone training school are people who have served in the military and have been trained on how to fly drones. You also need to search for the available certification courses and then ensure you write and pass them so that you can be certified to train people on how to fly drones.
4. Register Your Business and Obtain Your License and Permit
Once you have been trained on how to fly drones, then the next thing you are to do to get your business started is to officially register your business with the corporate affairs commission of your country and then apply and obtain the required license and permit from the appropriate government authority. You would also be required to obtain your Tax Payer’s Identification Number and then buy the necessary insurance cover your training school.
5. Rent a Facility and equip it
When shopping for a facility to use for training people how to fly drones, you should look for a facility that has space for both class work and also a big field large enough to fly drones. In case you can’t locate a combination of both, if you are lucky to secure a place for class work, you can rent an open field for all your practical sessions. You can also talk to the ministry to know if you can use their base to teach people how to fly drones.
6. Develop Your Training Manual / Syllabus
Since you have a clearer picture of what you want to do by now, you are expected to develop your own training manual. You can work with other experts in the industry to join you in developing your training manual on how to fly drones. You can consult the Air Force to get any available material that can help you in developing your own drone training manual. Although the military hardly give out such information, but there is no harm in trying – you never can tell if you will be fortunate.
7. Open Your School and Welcome Application from Potential Students
Having done all that you are expected to do and you have your license, permit and structure on ground, then what you are expected to do is to open your training school to the public and welcome applications from potential students. In as much as loads of people will be willing to pay exuberant fee to learn how to fly drones, you still have to carry out security check on all applicants so that you will be sure that you are not training terrorists on how to fly drones – properly screening must be done.

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