20 Steps to become Small Business in Teaching

Are you a teacher and you seek ways to earn extra income either full time or part time? Then below are the top 20 possible small business ideas for teachers.
“A teacher’s reward is in heaven”
I cringe inwards each time I hear this phrase. Why should a teacher’s reward be in heaven? The sad thing is that so many teachers actually believe this, so they settle for earning a meager income and managing their resources believing that teaching isn’t meant to be financially rewarding.
Dear Teacher, you don’t have to wait until you get to heaven before you get your reward because right here on earth is where you have to pay taxes and mortgages and put food on the table for your family. I agree that teaching is not all that financially rewarding but teachers are also at an advantage when we it comes to so many other factors.
For instance, Teachers have more time to themselves compared to other jobs. Teachers close as early as 3pm or 4pm, leaving them enough time to pursue other personal endeavors. There are also regular holidays such as summer holidays when schools are not in session and this leaves enough time for teachers to run businesses and make some extra income for themselves. Some of the businesses that teachers could engage in to improve on their financial status include-:

Top 20 Possible Small Business ideas for Teachers

1. Private Tutoring-: People hire private tutors for their kids to help them make better grades at school. People also hire private tutors whenever they want to sit for an examination. As a teacher you could look for people who are willing to hire private tutors and offer your services to such people. Private tutors charge as much as $50 per hour for their services depending on the type of clients they work with and the conditions of service.
2. Book Writing-: Teachers are also in the best position to write, publish and sell their own books. You could write books on the subjects you teach or creative story books for children or on any other topic that catches your fancy.
3. Creating and Selling Educational Materials-: Recently, there was a story in the news about a certain teacher who built a $40 million business empire just from selling lesson plans on the internet. You could follow in her footstep and sell lesson plans, resource materials for teachers, study questions and quizzes.
4. Scrap booking-: You could also make money from making and selling scrap books.
5. Resume writing-: A lot of applications are turned down on a daily basis due to poorly written resumes. You could set up a professional resume writing business to help job applicants write winning resumes.
6. Taking online paid surveys-: You could also register on websites that pay people to take surveys and answer questions. These websites mostly belong to research organizations hired to help companies conduct product research.
7. Uniform making supplies-: Teachers could also start uniform making and supply business. You could get contracts to make school uniforms for as many schools as possible. This is a very lucrative business for teachers.
8. Recording and selling educational videos-: Recording and selling educational videos is also a very lucrative business you can do without much stress. You can pick any subject to talk about.
For instance, when I was writing a certain professional examination, I barely had time to read and study properly for the examination, so I bought some tapes and CD’s made by our lecturers and I transferred the files to my mobile phone. I went everywhere with it and at my spare time; I would just plug my earphones in and listen to the lectures. I was able to pass the examinations this way.
9. Crafts Teacher-: If you have got any artistic skills, you could get paid to teach other people some of these skills like dancing, music, baking, drawing etc.
10. Selling Used Books-: You could also think of starting a used books selling business. You could sell used books on E-bay, Amazon or any other E-commerce platform.
11. E-Library-: You could also start an E-library and have people pay you to access books and educational resources online.
12. Online Language Teacher-: If you are very proficient at speaking and writing any language, especially English Language, you can start teaching it to people online. You can even have people subscribe for customized language lessons which they can receive via e-mail daily.
13. Translation services-: You could also start helping people convert documents into English language or any other language you are good at.
14. Start an Online Tutoring Business-: Online tutoring companies are becoming more popular. You can either choose to start your own online tutoring company, hiring other teachers to be a part of your team or signing up as an online tutor on one of the existing online tutoring platforms.
15. Freelance writing-: You could also become a freelance writer. Freelance writing offers you flexibility and allows you to work from the convenience of your home.
16. Marking and Grading-: Another business idea is to start a marking and grading outsourcing company to help schools and examination bodies’ mark and grade scripts.
17. Summer Camp Planning-: You could also make money from planning and organizing camping trips for children during summer. You could also organize excursions and educational travel for students.
18. Corporate Training-: Another top business opportunity for teachers is to set up a corporate training business to help corporate organizations train their staff to be able to cope with changes and new innovations in the industry.
For instance, a company could acquire new software and for staff to be able to use this software, they need to be trained. As a teacher, your strong point is in impartation of knowledge so you won’t have problems setting up such a business.
19. Researching Services-: Researchers help companies with product research, marketing survey and anything that has to do with gathering information that would help such companies improve on their services and gain customer satisfaction.
20. Scholarship Consultancy-: Scholarship consultancy is also a good business idea teachers can delve into. You could make money from helping students find and access scholarship opportunities and educational grants.

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