11 Steps To Become a Glass Bead Making Company

How to Start a Glass Bead Making Company

Look around you and you would find that fashion is one art that cannot be phased out of the earth. There would always be the need to look and act in a particular manner. Whilst some have a particular sense of style and what fits their taste, yet others still battle with what fits them. One of the things that have been birth by fashion is beads.

Beads have been in existence from time immemorial. As a matter of fact it emerged centuries ago, but has since continued to evolve and develop to suit the modern trends. The glass bead is a type of bead that is being used today by bead makers. One of the good things about the glass bead it’s the beauty that it exudes. There are different types of glass beads. They include; wound glass beads, drawn glass beads, molded beads, lampwork beads, dichroic glass beads, furnace glass, and lead crystal.

If you have always had a penchant to break into the bead making industry, and do not know how to possibly do that, then you can find respite in this article. Here below are steps on how to start a glass beads making business.

Starting a Glass Bead Making Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Read Up

One of the good things that could happen to you in your quest to start a glass making business, would be to read a lot. You have got to make it a point of duty to garner vital information about it. You may go about this via the internet. There are various resources that are readily available to you to do this.

2. Ask Some Experts

In this regard, an expert automatically means one who is already in the line of business. You stand to gain a lot when you talk with folks who are already in this trade. You would be amaze at the loads of information that you can get when you ask the experts. Be sure to ask loads of questions.

3. Get Trained

If being a glass bead maker is your ambition and you also look to be most successful in the nearest future, then getting trained would be your best bet. No man is an island, and it is for that reason that you must get acquire the skills of glass bead making. You have got to make sure that you go to a reputable school or person who can deliver well.

4. Draw a Business Plan

If you want to start this business on a small scale, then you may leave out the business plan process. However, if you are looking to start out big, then you need a business plan. There is lots of information that must be contained in your plan. Things like; your short term and long term business goals, how much you would need to pool together to start this business, and a whole lot more. You can get an expert to help you draft this out, if you do not know how things work with business plans.

5. Make sample Beads

Since you would have garnered the skill of glass bead making, the first thing you may consider doing, would be to start making sample beads. Why must you make sample beads? This is so very important because practice makes perfect. You have got to perfect your skills and be sure that your products can compete with others out there. After you have produced them, you can start by giving them as gifts to family and close friends. This is so that they can be critiqued for you to get better.

6. Register Your Business

As stated earlier, if starting from your home is your goal, then you may also leave out the process of getting your business registered. If on the other hand you want to get things right from the outset, then you may consider registering your business. Check with your country’s regulatory body and authority to be sure you are on course.

7. Get a Space

You would need some space to start your business. You can consider telling your realtor what you want in terms of size. You would also need an office space where you can do some paper work from. If on the contrary you want to start from home, then it would also be a terrific idea to use a room or garage in your home.

8. Purchase Working Tools

Glass bead making, requires that you get some tools needed in the production of the beads. You would need a pliers, cutter; tiger tail strings, fishing line, stoppers, amongst other things. You would need some chairs, tables, and some interior d├ęcor for the furnishing of your office.

9. Hire Workers

This isn’t a hard task to do at all. As such you may also consider hiring inexperienced workers, alongside the experienced ones. This is because your workers can learn on the job. If you are starting on a big scale, then you can start with 2-3 workers. If you are alone for the start, then you can be the only worker for the mean time.

10. Start Operation

Now that things are looking great, then your next port of call would be starting the business proper. You can have an opening party, where e you can invite folks from far and wide. Be sure to have very creative designs that can be appealing.

11. Advertise

The power of adequate advertisement cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, you have got to explore all available means. Use the word of mouth method, the internet via various social platforms. You can also consider the use of handbills and exhibitions to get known.

There you have it guys. This is one business that needs constant creativity on your path to be able to stay afloat. Therefore, always look for way to beat the designs of other competitors so that you can take the lead.

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