Buying a Background Check versus Doing Your Own

Do you have someone you want to investigate? Whether that person is a new neighbour romantic partner, roommate, handyman, or daycare provider, a background check is the best step to take. Background checks are easy to acquire online, but are they worth the money? Should you buy a background check or perform your own? It all depends.

First, is it even possible to perform your own background check? 

Yes. Professional background checks do vary. Typically, it depends on the company performing the check and how much you paid. The more you pay for a background check, the more extensive it should be. With that said, most background checks contain records information on date and location of birth, marriages, children born, employment, driving, finances, military affiliates, and criminal records. Most of this information is a public record; therefore, it can be found by the average citizen.

Do you have time to perform your own research? 

As previously stated, most of the information found on a professional background check is public record. Despite being public record, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to find. Some cities, towns, villages, and counties have public records accessible by internet search. Others have them available for search on a county owned computer. Unfortunately, others only allow citizens to search through paper records. Although usually organized, you could easily spend an afternoon searching for a marriage license.

Do you want to rely on someone else to perform the check? 

Companies that perform background checks view public records to find information on properties owned, former addresses, and criminal records. Other information, such as previous employers, takes a little bit digging. When relying on someone else to gather the information, you don’t know if you are getting the full report or 100% accurate information. In situations where your safety may be at risk, like when hiring a daycare provider or a handyman to repair your home, are you willing to take the chance?

How much money do you want to spend? 

As previously stated, a more extensive background check will cost more money. If investigating a romantic partner before marriage, you want as much information as possible. When hiring a handyman, you basically need to ensure they don’t have a criminal record. So, base your decision on the situation at hand. The more information you need, the more you will pay for a background check. If you perform your own background check by checking public records in person, you should gain free access to those records.

In keeping with costs, it is important to wisely choose the company performing the check. To get started, perform a standard internet search with the phrase “background check.” You will be directed to websites where background checks are for sale. Closely examine the website and company in question. Companies specializing solely in extensive background checks, such as for employment, rarely disclose their costs online. This is because the costs are usually high. On the other hand, you will find people search websites that offer background checks. Although not as extensive, these searches are cheaper, averaging $50 per person.

In short, background checks can be performed by professional companies and average citizens. So, which approach should you take? It depends. If you are limited on time, opt for a professional background check. If you are limited on financial resources, perform your own.

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