Healthy Eating for Men

Eating for Men

Healthy eating for men involves eating the right foods, maintaining the perfect weight, and exercising. A healthy diet, especially for men, is more than just fuel for the body to work; it helps you improve your immune system but also helps you in looking younger and more energetic. Usually, men love non-vegetarian food, especially meat and fatty foods, which often improves their health significantly. Here are a few tips for men to get more beneficial outcomes.

Having the Right Foods:

A healthy diet for men must include meals having all the food groups in the appropriate quantity. Your daily intake must comprise of:
  • two cups of fruit,
  • two and a half cups of vegetables
  • Minimum of five ounces of whole grains.
Whole grains are a rich source of fibre, minerals and vitamins essential for heart health and maintaining the ideal body weight. Vegetables like tomatoes contain lycopene which is suitable for your prostate. Fish, fruits and milk also give the required dose of potassium and calcium that your body needs.

Add Fish to Your Daily Diet

Oily fish like trout, tuna, salmon, sardines, herrings and mackerels contain Omega-3 Fats that benefit the heart and the immune system and help reduce aches and pains. Nutrition experts recommend at least two to three servings of fish each week. Try having your fish steamed or barbequed, never fried, to get the best nutrition.

Include Vegetarian Food:

Men prefer meats more than any other food simply because it gives them proteins to aid muscle buildup. Lean beef also provides the required quantity of zinc needed for the body. But, what is often ignored is that the diet should also be balanced by eating vegetables and whole grains. And meat is not the only source of protein – you can get it from beans too.

Soybeans provide protein and are rich in isoflavones that may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Take Whole Grain Cereals

Your energy requirement depends on your weight, height and activity level. Generally, men are more significant than women and have more muscle mass. So their calorie requirement is much higher, which is easily provided by whole grains. Whole grain bread, cereal or pasta, brown rice, oats and barley are high in fibre and an essential source of carbohydrates. These foods give you a feeling of fullness,,, nutrition, and vital energy to see you through the day.

Walk More and Exercise Regularly

As mentioned initially, a healthy diet can work miracles for your body only if you exercise regularly. Take time to exercise at least two to three times per week. You can also increase your daily activity by simply taking the stairs or walking to your car, parked a block away. Walking helps burn calories and keeps you fit.

Control the Ladles

While eating adequate quantity is a must, overeating as we know, leads to severe complications. Men always need help controlling how much food they put on their plates. Use portion control plates and scoopers to bring in a semblance of control. Portion control plates have clear demarcations for the food on the plate. Portion control scoopers are also vital because you can control and measure the quantity of food served.

Snack on fruits and berries

Fruits like bananas are an excellent source of instant energy and provide the potassium needed to regulate the heart and nerves and reduce the risk of strokes.

Vitamins and other nutrients found in fruits can assist protein metabolism, aid the immune system and help form blood cells. Colourful berries and cherries contain antioxidants that offer a multitude of health benefits.

Cut out Saturated Fats

Reduce saturated fat consumption by trimming meats and removing the skin. Choose unsaturated fats like olive oil and canola oil as your cooking medium. Switch to low-fat dairy products and avoid fried foods. Include nuts and seeds in your diet. It's easy to grab a handful of almonds for a snack or top your salads with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds instead of mayonnaise.

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