6 Steps To Become a Methylated Spirit Production Company

3 Major Uses of Methylated Spirit

  • Used In Hospitals-: Methylated spirit is much needed in the hospital for cleaning up wounds and during surgical operation and also used at home for first aid, but you may be surprised that there are many other things you can do with a Methylated spirit apart from cleaning of wounds and for first aid treatment.
  • Used as Fuel for Stove And Lamp-: The alcoholic solvent contained in Methylated spirit makes it much flammable and used as fuel for temporary stoves and lamps mostly used for camping.
  • Used for Removal of Paint-: Removing a paint stain from a brush can be a gruesome work to do if you don’t know the right solvent to use for easy removal. Some people make use of kerosene to remove the paints; but with kerosene you have to soak the brush into it for sometime; but for an easier faster effect, you can use Methylated spirit for the paint removal.
Other minor uses of Methylated spirit is that it can be used to clean the play head of the old video cassette player; taking it a step further, let’s look at some of the main ingredient needed for the production of this type of spirit.

Main Ingredient Needed for the Production Of Methylated Spirit

The process of producing Methylated spirit is easier than most people think it is; the major basic ingredient you will need for the production process include;
  • Water-: Water is one of the two major important ingredient needed for the production of Methylated spirit. Water makes up just 30% content in a Methylated spirit.
  • Ethanol-: This is the major ingredient that is used in the production of Methylated spirit. Ethanol is gotten from the menthol wood and contains 70% of the content make up of the spirit.
  • Methyl Violate-: Also known as Gentile Violate (GV), this is the purplish coloured liquid that is added to a Methylated spirit to give it the purplish colour. The methyl violate serves no important role in the makeup content of the Methylated spirit; the only purpose is serves is to help differentiate Methylated spirit from other spirits and even water.

Starting a Methylated Spirit Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Register a Corporate Company-: Since the process of Methylated spirit production is an easy one, you may not be required to go for extra trainings to get started. All you need is register your business name as a corporate organisation, which is important because you are going into commercial production of the spirit.
2. Write Down a Clear Business Plan-: Any entrepreneur that wishes to start up and successfully run a business needs to draft a business plan. Your business plan should answer questions like: the amount of capital that will be needed to get the business up and running, the amount you currently have to invest in the business, will there be partners in the business, the location of the business, your plans for packaging and branding, what will be your mode of adverts and marketing and finally where you project to see your company in the next few years and steps you are willing to take to make that a reality. Answers to these questions will give you an idea of what your business plan will look like.
3. Rent a Commercial Space for Your Company-: Every offline business requires a physical space with will serve as either the production location or the office space. You need to have both space for production and an office where people can come or place a call to make inquiries or order for Methylated spirit. If you are not so buoyant with cash, you can convert your garage into your production room and just have a business mobile line where people can place a call and order for your product.
4. Purchase the Needed Ingredients-: I have mentioned earlier that main ingredients needed for the production of Methylated spirit is ethanol and water; you need to order for them in large quantity and also you need to buy some measuring equipments to help you get the correct measurements during productions. And for the production process, I have stated that ethanol is a 70% component while water is just 30%; get the measuring equipment and take your measurement according to specified. Note that if you are planning to supply to hospitals, you may not need to add the methyl violate.
5. Packaging-: Your packaging is part of your branding; there are many Methylated spirit produced by various companies in the market. You can package your own Methylated spirit in such a way that it will capture a customer’s heart at first glance; but first and foremost, you have to place the spirit in small plastic containers (avoid bottle or breakable containers to avoid unnecessary incidents of breaking the bottle). The containers have to come with a small sticker labels that will contain the name of the product, your company’s name and basic information like you contact address and phone number.
6. Marketing-: You can send some samples of your spirit to hospitals and maternity; you can also convince medical store owners or pharmacies around to order for your products. I you trust them enough, you can give them the product on credit to pay after sales; just make sure your capital for further productions is not tied down by such arrangements.

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