7 Steps To Become a Maid Service Business

Starting a Maid Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Register Your Business
In developing countries, most people who run this kind of business don’t even bother going all the way to register it. However, you must have at the back of your mind that ‘what is worth doing is worth doing well.’ It’s advisable that you start with the right steps and get your business registered. The fact remains that the stress and cost of registering businesses around the globe has gone down drastically. In case you didn’t know, people find it convenient and comfortable doing business with a registered business than an unregistered one.
2. Conduct Your Research
As part of what is expected of you to start your maid service business, you would be required to carry out a research that would reveal to you the qualities and characteristics of maids that are in high demand. This is so that you can be well guided when recruiting maids. Your research would also enable you to know where to get maids and how to locate those in need of their services.
3. Recruit Maids
When recruiting maids, it is very important that you aren’t tempted to recruit under aged ones. It could be cheaper and easier, but you might get jailed for breaking the laws that protects under aged folks, as well as laws preventing them to be used for cheap labor. Make sure you recruit maids that can read and write, are neat, matured and willing to work.
4. Screen Your Maids
The fact that you would be assigning your maids to different houses where they might most likely in, means that they must be trustworthy people. Detailed screening is one part of your recruitment process that you must pay huge attention to, so as to avoid law suits and to continue to be in business. If you recruit one wrong maid, you might ruin your business.
So part of your screening criteria might be: medical and health status, criminal records, age, ability to carry out home chores, ability to read and write, just to mention a few. If you carry out a proper screening, you can avoid employing people with infectious diseases, criminals and lazy people.
5. Market Your Business
Although some businesses require less aggressive marketing skills, some might require that you are always on the go to get new clients. Running a maid service business requires that you go out of your way to get more homes to service. The places that you locate potential clients are in religious centers (Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques et al), Offices, Hospitals and parks.
You might also want to do the word of mouth approach, by walking up to anybody you come across in these areas to market your services to them. Research also has it that one of the best ways to get new clients for maid service business is via referrals for your existing clients. If you do your homework very well and your maids perform very well, you would get satisfied clients talking of your services to other clients that might be in need of maids.
6. Get Feedbacks and Review Performance
From statistics, the percentage of clients who complain to those who don’t when offered poor services are almost 40:60. The possibility that your clients might likely not complain even when they aren’t satisfied with the services they are getting from the maid you assign to them is high. When such clients aren’t satisfied, you can forget about being referred.
To operate a top notch Maid Service business, you must go around the houses where your maids are serving to get honest feedbacks from your customers and also from your maids. Yes! It is imperative to get feedbacks from your maids because in some cases especially in Africa, maids are often maltreated and molested. When things turn that bad; you could even get arrested if anything happens to a maid. When you get feedbacks and you review appropriately, you get informed on the best decision to take. In some cases you may have to re-assign some maids.
7. Sort out Payments Arrangement
Since the maids that are employed by your agency on behalf of your clients won’t be resuming in your office, it is important to sort out their mode of payments and how you can get paid by your clients. The best approach is to ensure that all the maids under your umbrella open a bank account and you agree on a fixed a date when their accounts must be credited.
You can also ensure that your clients pay into your account within an agreed date. For instance; you could agree on the 25th of every month, while that of the maids might be before 28th. Do not forget to deduct your commission and service charges from their salaries.
The way and manner you run your own Maid service business would determine how successful you can become. The market for this kind of business would keep opening up as long as couples find themselves doing 9-5 jobs or even run businesses that take them away from their homes. Lastly, make sure you agree with your clients to offer refresher trainings for your maids, because this would go a long way in   helping to bring them up to speed.

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