7 Steps To Become a Granite Tiles Production Company

Starting a Granite Tiles Production Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Research about Granites and Granite Tiles

If there is any skill that you must assume to put to good use, it would be your research skill. Whether you have this skill or not, you have to have at the back of your mind that it is essential to read up a lot about what you want to embark on. It is for this reason that using the internet, as well as reading books on granites and granite tiles, comes into play. Read about major players in this industry, how they started, how they source for funding, and what have you.

2. Write a Good Business Plan

The essence of a good business plan must be maintained. As such, if you do not know jack about this task, then it becomes essential that you hire a professional business plan writer to help you pull things off. Information about your short-term and long term goals is needed, such as how much is needed to start this business, the choice of location, amount of workers to be hired, and a whole lot more. Consequently, if you feel you can handle this task, that is fine too.

3. Incorporate Your Business

In some countries, you can go about incorporating your business by yourself; in others, you may need a lawyer to help you with this. First, consider going to your country's corporate affairs office or the chamber of commerce office to get things done. You will be asked to provide some important details. Also, you must decide whether this is a partnership business or a sole proprietorship one.

4. Lease a Facility and set up Your Production factory

You have to decide the size of your factory by asking your realtor to get you the size that can accommodate your projections for now and later. This means the number of employees plus the scale at which you want to start your granite tiles production will come into play. If you want to start a small production company, then that shouldn’t gulp much money. But if you want to start big, that might gulp quite a lot. It is worth noting that your factory must be located away from residential areas so that you do not disturb people's peace.

5. Source for Raw Materials

This very important step can be achieved by asking some competitors how they have always sourced their materials. Once you are shown suppliers, ensure that you compare prices so that you can stick with the most pocket-friendly ones. You may as well embark on sourcing raw materials yourself by doing some research.

6. Hire Workers

You need to consider the scale at which you want production to start. That will largely determine how many workers you need to hire. If you are looking at starting small, then you may need a few workers. On the other hand, if you want to start big, then you may consider hiring more people.

7. Source for Markets

Your advertising strategies must speak volumes so that they can have a positive impact on your profit. So, you must leave no stone unturned in sourcing for the market. Once you have defined your target market, you can begin to look for ways to reach it. Printing brochures and fliers are a good way. You may also consider the print and electronic media. Do not forget internet ads that can also reach millions of people. Once you can get your business in the faces of people, then you can be sure to have more clients.
Starting a granite and tiles business is no joke, as mentioned earlier. As such you have to have all the resources you need to float this business. You may also consider finding a mentor in the industry who can sit you down to tell you all what this business really entails.

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