7 Steps To Become an Indoor Soccer Facility Business

Starting an Indoor Soccer Facility – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Your Feasibility Studies

The ideal thing to do before starting your own indoor soccer facility business is to carry out a feasibility study to be sure that people will patronize your business. The truth is that indoor soccer facility business is likely not going to sell in an area where they have enough open public soccer field. So it is important for you to conduct a feasibility study to know certain things that can help you with your business decisions. You should be able to sample people’s opinion of the business; you should be able to know the price of synthetic pitch and any other factor that will help you with your business plan.

2. Raise Your Startup Capital

No doubt you would need enough cash to be able to build your own indoor soccer facility. The truth is that securing a big facility that would contain a normal soccer pitch and spectator’s stands and changing room can be very expensive. Hence, it is always advisable to draw a budget and then look for ways to raise the startup capital. Raising startup capital for business can be challenging if you don’t have the collateral needed to secure loans from the bank. You can also raise your startup capital from selling your stocks, from your family members and from your friend as well.

3. Search for a Big Facility in a Suitable Location

The real deal in starting an indoor soccer facility business is securing a big facility that is large enough to contain a full sized soccer pitch including spectator’s stand, changing room and enough parking space. Also in a location that may attract the kind of clients that would pay to make use of your indoor soccer facility. It might take you months to get an ideal facility and you just might have to even pay from your nose. So, it is better that you inform your real estate agent well in advance to help you with the search.

4. Equip Your Facility-: 

After leasing your ideal facility, the next thing to do is to equip the facility with the necessary gadgets. You would have to lay a synthetic pitch, chairs for your spectators, changing room, first aid stand, fire alarm system, multimedia equipment, public address system, commentary box, et al.

5. Buy the Required Insurance

You would need liability insurance for your indoor soccer facility, and you need to also discuss with you insurance broker to advise you on other insurance policies that you would need. Hence, when drawing up a budget for your indoor soccer facility business, ensure that you include the money required to purchase insurance cover and to pay the premiums as at when due.

6. Employ Staffs

Your budget for starting your indoor soccer facility business should include the salaries for key staffs that will help you run the business. You would need to employ cleaners, facility manager, technicians, administrators and security men / women et al. It is important to make provision for training and re – training your staffs if you want them to perform maximally.

7. Promote and Market Your Indoor Soccer Facility

Right from the onset, you should be able to develop a good strategy to market your indoor soccer facility. Part of what you need to do to promote your indoor soccer facility is to organize soccer event in your community for teenagers and then invite stake holders in the community to partner with you or to be your guest.
You can market your indoor soccer facility to schools, soccer teams, and private organization that would want to organize soccer events. It will pay you to ensure that you advertise your indoor soccer facility in the yellow pages in your community; you can as well print and distribute handbills and posters in areas where you can access your target market.
You might likely not breakeven with your indoor soccer facility within the first year of starting the business because of the capital you invested in the business, but if you continue to attract more clients, you can be rest assured to start making profits after three years of starting the business. The bottom line is to ensure that the fee you charge for people to make use your facility is affordable and flexible.

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