7 Steps To Become a Jet Ski Rental Company

Jet Ski Rental Company


Starting a Jet Ski Rental Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Write Your Business Plan

Running a Jet Ski rental business is indeed a capital intensive business, especially for small scale business owners that are just starting out. That is why it is highly necessary to draft a comprehensive business plan before venturing out. The good thing about a good business plan is that it aids you to secure a loan to start your business and also, your business plan will help you project your profits; and how you can expand and properly manage your business.

2. Register Your Business

If you are convinced that you are going to make profits from your Jet Ski rental business, then the next thing to do after drafting your business plan is to visit the corporate affairs commission of your country to register your business. The truth is that, the local authority in the area where you run your business might clamp down on your business if they find that the business is not legally registered. So, ensure that you do all that is required to register your business before you open shop to your customers.

3. Rent a Showroom (Office Facility)

If you have scaled through the process of registering your business, then the next step is to look for a suitable location to rent a show room or office. It is important to state that Jet Ski rental business can be restricted to certain area – areas close to the sea shore and beach. So if you are looking for a location to rent a facility for your Jet Ski rental business, then you should inform your real estate agent to restrict his or her search to areas that is close to sea shore or beach.

4. Acquire Jet Ski (Watercrafts) and other Safety Gadget

Acquiring Jet Ski can be expensive, especially if you are importing brand new ones from Japan. If you know you don’t have enough capital to purchase the numbers of Jet Skis that you would need to start your Jet Ski rental business, then you should consider purchasing neat fairly used, well maintained Jet Ski (Watercrafts), which can serve same purpose; if you have trained engineers on ground to always fix any fault it develops during the course of use. You would also be required to buy enough life jacket, and safety goggle. You can also arrange for effective and efficient re–fueling system to avoid down – time just because of re–fueling.

5. Hire Competent Instructors

If you are involved in the Jet Ski rental business, you would always have some people, who haven’t used it before coming to rent it; this is the reason why you must have competent instructors on ground to help guide those who aren’t used to Jet Ski but want to rent and learn how to use it. In some cases depending on your policy, you might charge extra cost for those who want to learn how to drive Jet Ski. Besides your instructors will also ensure that all those renting your Jet Ski adhere to all the safety measure you have in place especially the use of life jacket et al.

6. Create Effective Maintenance Schedule

If you truly want to operate a seamless Jet Ski rental business, then you must create an effective maintenance schedule. If your jet Skis are not properly maintained as at when due, you stand the chance of spending more to acquire new ones once they get damaged beyond repairs. The wise thing to do to cut cost of maintenance of your Jet Skis is to employ competent engineers as part of your staffs if you have the financial capacity.
But if you don’t have the financial power to keep trained Jet Ski engineers in your payroll, then you can hire one on a contract level. It surely pays to fix your Jet Skis on time when they develop faults, so that you will have enough on ground for rent when people make demands.

7. Market and Advertise Your Business

One thing about Jet Ski rental business is that you only require less effort to market your service especially if your office is well located in an area that is close to the beach. Although, it is still important for you to create some form of advertisement to tell people what you do, but it would pay if you partner with any hotel and resort that is close to the beach.
Over and above, if you have the capital to purchase a minimum of 10 Jet Skis, then you should consider starting your own Jet Ski rental services. In addition to all these, do not relent in thinking up ways to improve your services always.