6 Steps To Become a Buying and Selling Coupons Online

Buying and Selling Coupons

How to Make Money Buying and Selling Coupons Online

1. Get a Computer with Internet Connection

Although you can buy and sell coupons offline, the largest market remains online. Therefore, the first rule of thumb in buying and selling coupons is to get a computer with an internet connection. This is your visa to join thousands of people globally to make money buying and selling coupons.

2. Surf Online Stores Regularly

Surfing the net regularly will bring you opportunities and make opportunities to come to meet you right at your doorpost. Have you ever noticed that when you visit or click on some websites, you are greeted with amazing coupon offers? If you want to make money via buying and selling coupons, you should take those pop–ups you see seriously because they could save you real cash or put some extra money in your pocket. The rule of thumb here is that you must be cautious when buying coupons that are too good to believe online. This is because scammers might leverage this, and you can get your fingers burnt.

3. Study Product Offerings

To make money buying and selling coupons, you must study the demand and supply rate of the products you intend to sell. There are products with short shelf lifespans, and it would be advisable to go for them even if the profit margin isn’t as fantastic as you wanted it to be. The truth is that products with longer shelf lifespans would always give you a significant profit margin. However, the big question is: would you mind tying down your money for a more extended period than expected? The rule of thumb here is that if you have limited cash to invest in buying and selling coupons, you should consider the sales frequencies over the profit margin.

4. Know Where to Buy Coupons

Knowing where to buy coupons is as easy as buying a bottle of Coca-Cola! As long as you read trending magazines and newspapers, browse the net, visit grocery stores, check your emails, etc., you will most often come across coupons for sale. Be sure to check spam emails, as most of the emails you get in your spam folders are marketers trying to sell coupons to you. Better still, if you really want good deals by buying coupons, you might need to purchase coupon books; in this, you would have lots of offers. You could also visit the manufacturer of the products whose coupons you intend to sell. Most manufacturers offer coupons at a very cheap rate one-on-one compared to what you could get elsewhere.

5. Invest in Coupons with High Value

Knowing how to invest your money is the key to making good money in any business endeavor. Studies have shown that if you invest a small cash in buying coupons, after selling, you’d most often get a smaller profit margin than when you invest good money in buying and selling coupons. For example, if you bought a coupon of 10 US Dollars for products worth 50 US Dollars and ended up selling the coupon for 25 US Dollars, you would have been able to make an extra 15 US Dollars from the deal.
On the other hand, with the same effort and time, if you bought a coupon of 100 US Dollars for a product worth 500 US Dollars and ended up selling the coupon for 250 US Dollars, you would have succeeded in making an extra 150 US Dollars. The good thing about each scenario is that it may take 15 minutes or less to sell your coupon as long as it’s a good deal.

6. Know Where to Sell Coupons

Buying coupons is easy, as pointed out earlier on, and selling them is as easy as purchasing them. Do you want to know why? It’s simple! Every product buyer would always look towards getting a good bargain, and that’s precisely what coupons offer. You can get prices for products that are too good to be accurate and are irresistible, so much so that you might be tempted to purchase them whether you need them. Hence, the most accessible place to sell coupons is online, primarily via platforms like eBay and Craigslist. You can also sell your coupons through emailing/junk mailing and listing them in magazines, newspapers, and on your websites.
There you have it! 6 simple steps that can get you to start making money in your spare time while buying and selling coupons. Be sure to look around you for opportunities to leverage if, in particular, you want to be ahead of your competitors in this line of business. Also, note that you must be abreast of what is happening in the coupon business. This is so that you always stay at the top of your game.

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