6 Steps To Become a Watching Ads Online Business

6 Guaranteed Steps to Making Money Watching Ads Online

1. Buy a Computer /Smartphone with Internet Connection
This medium requires you to browse the internet from your computers or smart phones. So to get started you should own an internet enabled device. This remains the platform to operate from; your computer or smart phone is your workshop. The rule of thumb here is to ensure you get a good deal with your internet provider, since you would use your data to watch ads online. But if you have free wifi around you, you are amongst the lucky few around the globe that can make money without spending a dime on data.
2. Search Online for Website that offers this Service
There are numerous websites that gives you the opportunity to watch ads online and get paid for it. Since you now have an internet enabled device, you are expected to launch online and start searching for such opportunities; remember Google is always your friend and you can’t get stranded using their services. You can visit PayPerClick, adsclickcash.com, or shbux.com to get started.
3. Register
You must have to register before you are entitled to start making money just watching ads online. The registration process is easy and secured, each website has their key requirements but the common denominator amongst them is your email address. Although you will be restricted to one slot per email, but you can also register multiple times with different emails to increase your earnings per day.
4. Open your Account
If you are through with registering, the next thing for you to do is to open an account online that would help in processing your earnings. Most of the websites that pay you to watch ads online could give you options of which of the online account platform they work with. Some are even restricted to one. Online payment platforms like PayPal, AlertPay, Paypaz, LibertyReserve etc. readily come in handy. The rule of thumb here is that if you are given options to choose the payment platform to use, it would be advised to study the options you have carefully; doing this will save you some hidden charges that could deep into your earnings.
5. Start Watching Ads Online
Confirmation will be sent to you once you are through the registration process and you would be informed on when to start watching ads on their website. In most cases certain numbers of slots will be allotted to you per day; it could be 10 or less and it has a fixed price. The trick here is that if you have multiple accounts with different websites that offer this service, you will increase your earnings per day.
For example, if you get paid $0.1 a day for watching ads online for 30 seconds or less, it means that you can earn a multiple of that amount depending on the numbers of websites that you register to watch ads on and get paid on. So let’s say you have 10 of such websites, your earnings will increase bt 10 x 0.1 = $1.00. That’s a good way to start. The Rule of thumb here for you to always clear up your slot per day is to create a schedule and alarm system on your computer to always remind you.
6. Generate list of People for Referral
You can earn much more referring people to watch ads online. As a matter of fact if you are paid $0.1 a day for watching ads online, you can earn as high $2.00 for referring just one person. So what is expected of you to do to leverage on this offer is to refer as much people as you can. Let them know that it will cost them almost nothing to start earning money. At least you start with your friends and family. You can also earn money if the people you refer also refer people under them, i.e. they will also become your down line in your hierarchy.
Some might say the money is small and negligible. However, the truth in reality is that if you earn $1.00 a day for just watching ads online, and you earn 4 dollars for referring just 2 people per day, without putting into consideration if your down lines referred anybody, you would have succeeded in earning $5.00 a day and if you do this for 30 days per month, you’ll earn 150 dollars with little or no effort. You would agree that such money can offset some bills for you.
Now why don’t you give it a try and see how it works? Just follow the tips listed above and see how easy you can make extra money without breaking a sweat. If you adhere to all these, then you would be on your way to making mega bucks.

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