How to reverse money using Capitec App

Reverse money using Capitec App

Capitec clients can now reverse money using Capitec Bank App. How to change money using Capitec App? How to dispute a debit order using Capitec Bank App? This article will teach how to reverse money using Capitec Bank App.

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Did an unauthorized debit order go off your Capitec account, and don’t know how to reverse it? Don’t worry. You can now dispute a debit order without going to your nearest branch. Simply sign in to the Capitec app, choose, and discuss the debit order. Ready to know how to reverse payment on the Capitec app?

Here’s how to reverse a debit order using Capitec App:

  • Step 1: Open your Capitec Mobile Banking app
  • Step 2: Choose Transact
  • Step 3: Choose Debit Orders
  • Step 4: Enter your secret Remote PIN to sign in
  • Step 5: Choose a debit order from the history menu
  • Step 6: Choose a reason for the dispute
  • Step 7: Accept the agreement

That’s how to reverse debit orders on Capitec App.

Only debit orders under R800 can be disputed on the Capitec App. Customers are urged to only unauthorized dispute debits. If R800 or more was debited from your Capitec bank account without your permission, kindly visit your nearest Capitec bank branch.
Reasons to reverse debit order on Capitec App.

The dispute of a valid debit order could cause:

A canceled insurance policy or service or unpaid installment
  • A lower credit score and difficulty getting new credit
  • Being handed over for bad debt and more cost
  • Higher future insurance premiums or arrears interest
  • Difficulty entering into other agreements

It’s possible to successfully reverse your money back to your Capitec Bank account in less than 24 hours if you dispute the debit order immediately after it occurs and not more than 40 days after.

Please note that it may be difficult for your debit order dispute to be accepted and your money reversed back to your Capitec account if the order is registered 40 days or more after the transaction.

That’s it about how to reverse money using Capitec App. You can also watch the below video on switching your debit orders on Capitec.

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