7 Steps To Become a Bodyguard Company

Starting a Bodyguard Company – Sample Business Plan Template


1. Acquire the Training
Your experience in the Military or Law Enforcement agency is an added bonus but not all you need to effectively run this business. There are new High Tech securities gadgets that are being released into the market, which you need to learn about. Also, it is worthy to note that there are some certified Private Security schools that train bodyguards on high tech equipment in the industry. Some of them offer 6 months course or a 1 year course; you can enrol in any of the schools and get properly trained.
2. Draw up a Business Plan
When you are done with getting the required training, you need to develop a business plan on how your business will function in the long run. Your business plan will serve as a compass to lead your business idea from the idea stage to full materialization.
A Bodyguard business plan should contain information on; what the company’s structure looks like? The estimated capital needed to run the business? What licenses do you need to acquire to run this business? How many employees will you hire to work with your company? How do you intend raising the capital needed to run the business? What high tech gadgets and equipments do you need to run this business and where do you intend buying them from? By the time you are done with answering these questions via research, you should have a basic business plan and an idea of how your business will function.
3. Get All Required Licenses
There are some mandatory licenses you need to get to run a Bodyguard company. The first isa business license that gives you the legal permit to start a business in any part of your country. You can visit the Town County in your State and apply for the license. There is also the security license prior to starting the business. Be sure to get the tax identification number with the IRS department for tax payment. Failure to get a TIN can get the company into serious legal matter on charge of tax invasion.
4. Lease an Office
You need to have an official address that will serve as your Company’s corporate office. The place should be big enough to contain all your security and High Tech gadgets, and also proved room to contain various departments in the company like the Accounts department, receptionist office.
5. Hire and Train Employees
You cannot run a Bodyguard company alone; you need to hire employees, train them and get them ready for assignments. The first step is to hire while placing ads for employment. Try to be as specific as you can on the qualification and experience you want and be explicit in the job description aspect. Ensure that you carry out a background check on your potential employees before you employ them into the company.
6. Advertise your Company
The success of your business depends on the strength of your advert. You need to put in major efforts to create awareness for your company. Some of the easy ways to create awareness for your business include; creating a company website and advertising your services via social media platforms like Facebook.
Facebook ads allow you to target the exact people you wish to get through with your adverts based on sex, location, and occupation. You can share fliers around and also send proposals to companies and organizations you think will need Bodyguard services.
There you have it; the six steps that you must really stick to start your own bodyguard company. Be sure to also look for ways to keep abreast with new trends in the industry so that you can stay afloat always.

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