9 Steps to Become an Online Identity Theft Protection Company

Starting an Online Identity Theft Protection Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Do Your Research
This is a line of business that has to do with the internet majorly and then other forms of technical and information carrying gadgets like the ATM Card for example. Anyone who wants to start a business as an online identity theft protection company will have to do a lot of background work to understand the challenges, and how these activities are carried out by the perpetrators and what the companies who are already doing something to fight it are doing and how they are doing it. What laws are available that guide operations of the companies. Is it even a line of business that has viability? All these are the things that must first be understood and sorted out clearly.
2. Write Your Business Plan
Having done your feasibility study and you are convinced you now know what obtains and still want to go ahead to establish such a company, then you must come up with a very detailed business plan that captures all the different aspects of the business. This is very critical, especially for funding purposes. Remember the business plan is the back bone of the business. No business plan, no business. It is your road map; your architectural blueprint.
3. Raise Your Startup Capital
It is most likely certain that you will not have all the required capital to start the business, because of the fact that you will need different facilities; computers and internet facilities and other equipments to run the business successfully. Where you do not have the required capital, you must seek to raise it from prospective investors and/or banks. This is where your already developed business plan, which must of course the financial outlay of the business, will come in handy. The investor only understands figures, is the business making profit or not?
4. Get Office Space and Equipments
Where will your office be located? Which city or state? What kind of facility will it be? How will it be set in order to properly serve the purpose for which the business is set up in the first place? Remember that a good office must be well arranged and accommodating and also inviting so that clients will be comfortable when they come in to do business with your company.
5. Hire the Staff
The most critical point in employing people here is integrity. You must do all your due diligence to employ men and women of unquestionable character. Those who will not use the personal information of your clients to do dubious acts. Those who will not leak such information to people who should not have them. This will require having the records of your staffers with security agencies if possible. So you are not only looking for just information technology savvy guys, they must also be character savvy.
6. Get the Required Permits and Licenses
You must do all necessary registrations and get the permits before you start operations. Register with the various regulatory bodies in your country or state of operation as not doing so might work against you later because of taxes and levies, which filing may not be possible if you are not registered.
7. Have a Website
Those who engage in stealing other people’s identity and using same to steal from them don’t have a particular time of the day they work. They work any time of the day. To this extent you must have dedicated staff working round the clock. This could be on shift bases or you set them up so that they can work from home. So your company’s website must be constantly updated with latest software and it must be functional.
8. Advertise your company-: Go out and tell the market using all available means that you are here to serve them. Internet, social media, prints media, electronic media and so on. Announce your arrival and your presence. Let them know what you can do for them.
9. Open Business-: After you have done publicity and the people are now aware that you are there to help secure them from identity thieves, when they come to you for business they want to see you there. So open business and start operations of fighting the bad guys.
Those are some of the steps you need to take in order to start an online identity theft protection company.

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