7 Steps To Become a Defense Contracting Company

Starting a Defense Contracting Company – Sample Business Plan Template


1. Read Up About Defense Contraction
You have to make reading your past time as you seek to start a business in the defense industry. This means that you would read up to garner a whole lot as it concerns this business. There is plenty of information that can be found on the internet as well as in books.
2. Be a Citizen
It is very vital that you are a citizen of the country where you decide to start this business. For instance in the United States of America, most defense high paying jobs are held by the citizen of the county. Therefore be sure you are in your home land when nursing this ambition. On the other hand, you may want to seek such venture if you have successfully naturalized in another country.
3. Get a Clearance
It is very important that you get a security clearance. For instance in the United States of America, nothing is most highly regarded like a fella with an authentic security clearance. This is especially very needful especially because of the 9/11 incident. One of the easiest means through which you can get a security clearance is through military service. However, if you cannot get a security clearance, then you may consider starting with a low pay by working a in crap-hole war zones.
4. Be a Good Networker
It is very necessary that before one gets a job, one must know someone. This is why it is imperative to network. This means that you have got to attend job fairs, sign up on forums and websites where contractors discuss contracts, and talk to contractors on military bases. Make friends with people of this sort to and do not be slow to say that you are looking for a contract. Also endure to always check in at the firms where you are networking to see what may come up.
5. Survive a Tour
In the United States for instance, one is required to survive a tour of duty in the U.S. military. Virtually all U.S. defense contracts are managed by former military officers and these are often former U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonels or equivalent (O-5). Therefore, if you have scaled through this hurdle, you will have an easier time getting in. Most U.S. military operations are notably supported by contractors who are being paid appreciably more than their uniformed rivals.
5. Be Credible
You must establish technical reliability. It is true that former battalion commanders on average are the PMs for defense contracts, but t is also true that former sergeants are normally the ones doing the actual work.
6. Start from the Bottom
Due to extreme budget pressures and recruitment shortfalls reflecting the realities of the global war on terrorism, that is the attraction in the United States of America. As a result the Army tends to award contracts to the lowest bidder to do the dirtiest and most hazardous work. This singular act creates desperate companies that must fill their slots with some very anxious employees who are also willing to be low bidders for their salaries.
7. Be Ready To Relocate
If you aren’t too meticulous about your location, then there are chances that you would get a great deal someday soon as this is what folks who want to award contracts look for .Therefore it is very important that you imbibe these things so that you would have comfortably scaled the very difficult process that would have cost you a whole lot.
With these tips, then you can be sure that starting your own defense contracting business would just be a step away. Also not relent to continue to look for ways to get better.

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