Business Studies for Undergraduates

Bachelor of Business administration

A better-known fact for many business-minded whippersnappers is that business studies can be pursued in both the undergraduate stage as well as in Post-graduation Stage. Courses like Bachelor of Business administration (BBA), Bachelor of Science Business Administration, etc helps youngsters to take up business studies and management studies as their primary field of Study. Some of the premium Institutes offering BBA include IIM Ahmedabad, Delhi University, Shailesh J Mehta Business School, Hindustan University, etc. which aims to produce management specialists of various domains to ensure that efficient management methods are followed to invigorate the economic statistics of the business organization.

What makes these colleges premium is the curriculum they follow and the facilities provided by the college to the students to enhance their knowledge on the subject and also venture into various research projects. Some Universities try to adopt curriculum imposed on various abroad universities and may also have exchange programs to provide another dimension to business studies. Various BBA Colleges in India follow the same decorum so that students get an idea about international business management and marketing. 

Management Studies has always been in greater exigency owing to the increase in the number of companies in recent years contributing to the development scales of a country. Without management, there is no room for words such as “Sustainability”, “Expansion” and “Growth” for a company. Management studies deal with various aspects of operations ranging from accounts to human resource management which lies at the fulcrum of every industry to sustain the industry and manage it with utmost prudence.

For an economically developing front like India, the need for management and administration is an utmost necessity owing to major economic instability and growth for homemade products. Many students are encouraged to take up business studies at the undergraduate level so that all the basics are learned from the roots, which are moreover sufficient to even go for startups along with efficient management of many existing companies who are major contributors towards the economy.

Importance of Business Studies at Undergraduate Level

The importance of business studies varies according to the level it is pursued at. At the post-graduation level, the candidates can be either from a different undergraduate core, which helps them to manage the technical side along with the marketing side in any technical organization. But where they might lack is the basic roots of business management, which are sown as seeds at the undergraduate level.

At the undergraduate level of Business studies, students are introduced to various concepts such as Business Mathematics, Financial Constraints and Management, Organizational Behaviour, Resource management, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneurship Development as basic studies and several other specialization subjects that the candidate is willing to pursue as the depth of management studies is much deeper than the pacific. 

BBA in India

Several BBA Colleges in India are established to facilitate the students with the proper business mind to enhance themselves with various business management and administration subjects that can nurture their skills. As discussed earlier, several colleges offer a specialization course in BBA such as BBA Marketing and sales, BBA Resource Management, etc which provides more onus to the specialization subjects.

Getting admissions into a good business school in India is a herculean task for the students who are interested in management studies. Students are required to secure good scores in the entrance exams conducted by various universities and should have professional-level communication proficiency which are fundamental components for any management studies. Students are also expected to have good scores in their 10+2 exams from any recognized board which acts as basic qualification criteria.

Premium Universities such as IIM require tireless efforts and good scores in CAT examinations as basic eligibility criteria for students and it’s not for all. Not disappointing the candidates but, it's not the end of the road. Several other premium universities offer BBA courses with the highest degree of excellence. Mucher's less known fact is that Hindustan University provides BBA courses at par excellence to top IIMs across the country.

The University which is accredited by NBA has adopted the curriculum of Top IIMs along with many foreign universities that aim to provide students with a wide range of knowledge satisfying both Indian marketing standards and International Marketing Standards. Also, it provides exchange programs for graduates who can pursue this course in various international universities.

Graduates have plenty of Job opportunities owing to the reason that the business administration field is expanding due to a shared proportionality with several industries/ companies. But rather than placements, what matters most is their knowledge in handling the situation and application of the same in practical scenarios. Students who are interested to pursue further education can opt for a master's course in a specified area of specialization. Boundless and Immeasurable are the terms that strike my mind first whenever I think about management studies. Justifying my description are the opportunities provided by the course itself to the students which help them to shape the utopian world we have always dreamt of.

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