10 Steps To Become Money Make on Facebook Fast


10 Proven Ways to Make a Lot of Money on Facebook Fast

1. Sell your products or services
If you have a small business and have already set up a Facebook page for it, then you can generate more sales through your Facebook page. All you need to do is iFrame your website, create a functional individual page for your products, and use tools like Amazon and PayPal widgets to collect sales. You will most probably need the services of a professional to get this setup done perfectly.
2. Affiliate marketing
After having built a massive followership on your Facebook page, you can start making money from it by promoting products that your followers will most likely be interested in. This is done usually by sharing review posts that have your affiliate links within them. Each time a fan clicks on your affiliate link to buy a product you promote on your page, you get a commission on that sale.
3. Direct ads
If you have a Facebook page with several thousands to millions of fans, another way to make money from it is to publish adverts for products and services that will appeal to your fans. How much you will make with this strategy depends on how targeted your Facebook page is. A Facebook page with active fans that are interested in one topic such as health or technology will attract more advertisers than one with no defined audience.
4. Sponsored posts
Sometimes, words bring better results than graphics. This explains why some advertisers will prefer spreading words of their businesses or campaigns using well-written posts rather than graphic ads. So, you can also make money by sharing such sponsored posts on your Facebook page. However, to make a decent income consistently with this strategy, you need a massive, active, and targeted followership.
5. Facebook management
You probably have observed that some celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals are very active on Facebook, posting new updates daily or even multiple times a day. You wonder how these people get to do that, considering they are always busy, right? The truth is that most of them hire Facebook managers to help them engage with their fans or followers. You too can make a killing working as a Facebook manager for high profile individuals as well as companies.
6. Facebook surveys
Companies conduct surveys to gather consumer opinions about a new or existing product or service with the aim of getting more insight into what consumers really want from them. To conduct surveys companies approach either bloggers with huge followership, Facebook pages with lots of fans, or survey sites–provided those channels comprise their target customers. So, running surveys for companies is another way to monetize your Facebook page.
7. Facebook apps
If you pride yourself on having solid programming skills, you can turn this into cool cash by developing a Facebook application. The more valuable and helpful your application is, the more popular it will become, and the more money you will make from it. Your app could be a Facebook payment solution, an automatic posts publisher or any other thing that you think will solve problems for Facebook users.
8. Sponsored likes and shares
You don’t necessarily need to have a Facebook page to make money on Facebook. You can also make money with your personal Facebook profile provided you have up to thousands of Facebook friends. Since your friends will be more likely to read and share anything you post, some individuals and businesses are ready to actually pay you to promote their offers to your Facebook friends.
9. Facebook marketing
Because several millions of people visit Facebook daily, many businesses deem it a good avenue for generating leads. This explains why most businesses hire experts in Facebook marketing to handle their marketing campaigns on Facebook. Are you one of those experts who can help businesses convert Facebook followers and fans to customers? Then you should consider starting your own Facebook marketing agency.
10. Facebook page setup
Though Facebook is so user-friendly that anyone can use it without hassles, some people just can’t get around tasks setting up a Facebook page, using a Facebook app, and so on. You can make money by helping individuals and business set up not just Facebook pages, but attractive and professional ones.

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Trying to Make Money on Facebook

Before now, most people thought Facebook is no more than an avenue for making new friends, socializing with relatives and old friends, and catching fun in other ways. But now, more and more people are becoming aware that Facebook offers various opportunities for making a decent income.
So, if you are looking to make some side income by working online, then you should consider exploiting the multiple opportunities available on Facebook. You don’t need money or formal qualifications to get started with any of these opportunities. So, the entry barriers are low—if there are any at all.
We have discussed the various ways to make money on Facebook, so we won’t be talking about that here. Instead, I will reveal 10 common mistakes that people make when trying to make money on Facebook. If you really want to succeed in your Facebook business, you must avoid these mistakes.
A. Not having a target market in mind-: Having a defined target market is one of the first steps to building a successful business. And Facebook business opportunities are no exception. Whether you want to set up a Facebook fan page or you want to develop a Facebook app, you need to define your target market. Who will your fans be? Who will be using your Facebook app?
Clearly defining your target market will help you achieve your goals and know what to focus your promotion efforts on. For example, if your goal is to make money from posting direct adverts on your Facebook page, you will achieve that goal only if you have a targeted audience, since advertisers prefer that.
B. Not fulfilling a need-: As with any other business, your Facebook business must fill a need to give people strong reasons to play along with you. If you are setting up a Facebook fan page, you need to provide people with helpful information that will solve their problems and answer their questions. And if you are going to develop a Facebook app, it must solve problems that many Facebook users are battling with.
C. Too much promotion-: To build a successful Facebook page, you need to offer share valuable information with your fans. Although you need to promote products and services if you really want to make money from your page, you should do less of this.
Bombarding your Facebook fans with adverts after adverts will only prompt them to use the ‘Unlike‘ button. To avoid, this you need to ensure a good mix of valuable content and promotional stuff. A good strategy is to post one advert after at least three informational posts.
D. Spamming-: Some people, in a desperate bid to increase their Facebook followership, go about the Internet, dumping the link to their Facebook page. You probably would have seen such links on blogs, forums, and even on other Facebook pages.
Aside that this strategy is silly, it’s usually counterproductive—or unproductive, at best. So, if you want to make money on Facebook, you must avoid spamming in any form. Adopt proven strategies, and you will get long-term positive results.
E. Scanty posting-: If you are looking to attract several thousands to millions of fans to your Facebook page, you need to share valuable updates at regular intervals. This will help your fans continue to resonate with you. But if you post at scanty intervals, you won’t achieve this goal. And if you do, it will take you several years (yes, years!).
F. Obnoxious posting-: Yes, your followers “Like” your page because they enjoy the valuable information your share and they hope to continue getting more of it. However, you will do yourself more harm than good if you publish too frequently. No matter how much your fans love the stuff you share, if it gets too much, they will use the ‘Unlike’ button. And it doesn’t matter if you publish the same posts repeatedly of share fresh posts. Keep things moderate.
G. Not encouraging interaction-: Encouraging interaction is one of the smartest ways to increase your Facebook followership. In fact, interaction can help grow your page faster than valuable content will. Why? The reason is because Facebook was originally built for unrestricted interaction. So, if you are only churning out updates without welcoming or encouraging feedback and comments from your followers or fans, you will lose them gradually with time.
H. Not tracking fan activity-: Another key to building a successful Facebook page is keeping track of fans’ activities. By using the Facebook analytics tool, you will be able to know which type of posts your fans enjoy and share the most. You will be able to know which adverts really appealed to them. And you will be able to know which of your strategies are working as expected.
I. Trying to plunge into too many channels at once-: There are many ways to make money on Facebook. These include building Facebook apps, publishing sponsored posts and ads, offering Facebook marketing services, and many others.
When starting out, you should focus on only one of these options. Only when you have achieved success with one option should you consider expanding your scope. Trying to go into multiple channels at once is a recipe for failure.
J. Being desperate to make money quickly-: Making money on Facebook is just like making money from any other venture; it takes time and effort. If you are looking for a business that will start fetching you five to six figures within a few weeks, then no Facebook business will give you such. If you have the mindset to make money quickly, you will resort to using unethical strategies. And even if you achieve success with those, you will get busted after a short while.

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