3 Steps To Become an EBay Selling Assistant

What are the pros of being an Ebay selling assistant?

  • As an EBay selling assistant, you will run your own independent business that is free from any involvement by EBay (except when you break the rules). If the idea of working for a boss always makes you sad, then this might be a good way to be your own boss.
  • Working from how as an EBay selling assistant requires very little startup capital. The clients supply the inventory, not you. So, there’s minimal financial risk.
  • You will find more than enough credible resources online for improving sales and running your business effectively. And for registered EBay selling assistants, EBay provides marketing materials like flyer templates, press kits, and free training.

What about the cons being an Ebay selling assistant?

  • If you live in a country where this business is popular, competition might be very keen.
  • Even with low competition, building a client base is perhaps the toughest part of getting started as an EBay selling assistant.
  • You need some space to store your customer’s merchandise before you find a buyer for it. And you may not have enough space or security in your home.
  • Visiting your customers could be a huge burden in times of high gas prices, as you will spend more on fuel.

1. What you need to get started as an Ebay selling assistant

Having discussed the upsides and downsides of the business, let’s now discuss what you will need to get started as an EBay selling assistant:
  • A strong knowledge of EBay about everything from listing procedures to average prices.
  • Some ability and experience in retailing or merchandising.
  • Good photography skills and a great camera for taking shots of items to be listed for sale.
  • An EBay account in good standing. You are required to have sold at least 10 items on EBay in the previous 3 months and maintain at least 10 sales per 3-month period.
  • Good interpersonal relationship skills to work well with your customers.
  • A feedback score of at least 100 (at least 98 percent positive).

2. What the business entails

As an EBay selling assistant, you will not only list the item for sale, but you will also handle all buyer questions regarding the items, collect payment and shipping fees from the buyer, and ship the item to the buyer’s address. If you are not sure how much an item is worth you will also need to do some research to determine its value.
You need to create a simple contract that each customer will sign to indicate their agreement to your services and fees. You also need to decide how to obtain the items from your seller. Will you offer an additional pickup service? Will you visit customers’ homes and complete the contract there? Will you offer a drop-off service, where customers bring their items to you? Choose any option that you deem most suitable for you.

3. Market your business

In order to attract customers to your business, you need to do the hell out of marketing. Start by getting listed in the EBay official selling assistant program, EBay’s directory of selling assistants that consumers can use to locate services in their geographic area. To get listed, you must have a feedback rating of at least 50, have sold at least one items in the past 30 days, and maintain satisfaction rating of at least 97 percent.
Other ways to market your business include creating and distributing brochures and fliers, placing classified ads on free ad sites or in local newspapers, visiting garage sales and flea markets, setting up a small website and highlighting your services, using social media, and so on.

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