10 Type of Nurses and Doctors Business

Combining your professional experience, personality, and motivation may be all you need tostart your own healthcare-related business. There are endless opportunities you can tap into and the sweet aspect of it is that it won’t interfere with your medical career. So without wasting time, below are ten creative business ideas for nurses and doctors that you make lots of profit from:

Top 10 Small Side Business ideas for Nurses and Doctors

1. Private nursing service
You can establish your private nursing facility, where you take care of patients that are undergoing treatment for diseases and injuries. Rather than visit the hospital too often, patients would prefer paying you to study their recovery, dress their wounds, and so on.
One mistake you must avoid in this business is assuming the responsibilities of a doctor, especially when you are a nurse or you lack experience on the case at hand. You will maintain your integrity by referring patients to qualified physicians whenever the need arises.
2. In-house nursing care
This is quite similar to the option above, but the difference here is that you take care of patients in their own homes rather than your private facility. Most patients, though not on admission, are not strong enough to leave their homes while recovering from ailments or injuries.
Such patients would rather pay your charges to receive their treatment at home. Because this business requires you to visit patients in their homes, you can charge patients much higher; for this and other reasons.
3. Blogging
Blogging is big business nowadays. You too can start a blog that discusses certain health-related topics or other topics such as your hobbies or experience as a healthcare practitioner. Though it takes time, effort and sometimes money to establish a profitable blog, the profits would keep flowing ceaselessly once you are able to build a large audience and adopt smart monetization options. If you are very good at writing, blogging is perfect for you.
4. Write and sell books or ebooks
While there are medical textbooks and other resources that explain various disorders and diseases, the information they contain is far more complex than the average individual can understand.
Being a nurse, doctor or medical practitioner, you can bridge the gap between medical texts and the general populace by explaining medical terms such as diseases and disorders in simple everyday language that everyone can understand.
People are becoming more health conscious, and they need books and other resources that are rendered in simple language. So, you can make a fortune by creating books or ebooks that explain specific medical conditions in simple language.
5. Selling medical supplies
Being a medical practitioner who knows how to handle most hospital equipment and instruments, you can venture into the sales of these medical supplies. You can target hospitals by selling patient care items such as adult diapers, disinfectants, etc.
You can also target doctors and your fellow nurses by selling instruments they use such asstethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, etc. You will have the largest market to serve by selling medical instruments that can be used at home such as digital blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, weighing scales, etc.
6. Freelance writing
Are you a very good writer? Then you can turn your writing skills into cash by handling health and medical writing projects for individuals and healthcare companies. You can also write blog posts for health and medical blogs. Another very lucrative option is to write for newspapers, magazines, and health publications. Some publications pay as much as $1,000 per article.
7. Private consultation for patients
If you have worked as a nurse / doctor for many years, chances are that you have the experience needed to offer consulting services to patients with minimal health problems that are related to your speciality. Again, you need to be cautious if you are opting for this idea. Don’t cross your bounds by playing a doctor’s role if you are not a doctor.
8. Career advisor
Another good business idea is to give career advice to nurses and other healthcare providers who are just starting their careers. Share with them what you have learned over the years. Teach them what you wished you knew when you first started out. They would be glad to pay you for these vital pieces of information.
9. Tutoring
As a nurse or doctor, you can make more money by teaching student nurses at any nursing school or certification program around you. Start by searching the web for training programs for nurses / doctors and apply for the position of a tutor. While this business option won’t make you rich, it will fetch you enough cash to pay some bills.
10. OTC drugs
If the law in your country doesn’t frown at it, you can make additional income by running a patent shop / drug store and selling over-the-counter medications.

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