5 Steps To Become a Weight Loss Clinic

Due to increasing awareness of the multiple health risks of being overweight or obese, weight loss is one of the commonest goals people are trying to achieve today.
From diet control to use of supplements and to regular exercise, people—especially those living in developed countries—are trying out different strategies in order to shed their excess weight. And in their quest to achieve this goal, they spend a lot of money—which explains why weight loss is now a multi-billion dollar global industry.
From weight loss supplements and herbs to ebooks on how to lose weight, people are making a lot of money from various offers targeted at individuals desperate to lose weight. And though saturated as the market might seem, there is always enough room for new players.
Starting a weight loss clinic can provide you with the opportunity to tap from the lucrative weight loss industry, become self-employed, and provide valuable service to your community.
Because running weight loss clinic is a “juicy” business, many people rush into it even when they have little or no experience in this area. Some buy franchises and try to be absentee owners, leaving the management of the clinic to a hired manager; but most of the time, such clinics fail.
Your chances of success as a weight loss clinic owner will increase if you have a solid background in physical education, diet and nutrition, or related disciplines, or if you are a physician, nurse, physical therapist, or other healthcare professional. In addition, you need to be visionary, be an effective leader, be a team player, and have good people skills. With the above in mind, let’s now discuss the steps involved in starting a weight loss clinic.

How to Start a Weight Loss Clinic – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Write a business plan
Writing a business plan for your weight loss clinic will help you detail the steps to take towards successfully launching and managing your weight loss clinic. The plan will include the name of your business, your proposed or chosen location, your target market, the competition and how your business will differentiate from others, your marketing strategy, your growth plans, your financials, and other vital details about your business.
Aside helping you take the right steps at the right time, your business plan will describe your business to investors or lenders should you require third party funding.
2. Define your program
You need to choose the type of weight loss program you will offer. Will you be focusing majorly on exercise or dietary restrictions? Will you sell weight loss supplements or pre-packaged meals?
By answering these questions, you will be able to figure out what your weight loss clinic will include. If you will sell products of any kind, remember to apply for a tax resale number; provided this requirement applies in your state or country.
3. Choose a location
A good location is key to the success of your weight loss clinic. So you should decide whether you want to get a first floor location or one in a top floor.
A first floor location provides convenience for your clients—especially if they might be discouraged to join your program if they discover that they have to climb multiple stairs to get there. Choose this option if your program isn’t focused on exercise.
A top floor location, on the other hand, will compel your clients to climb multiple stairs—which is a good way to burn excess calories. If your weight loss clinic focuses majorly on exercise, then go for this option, since your clients won’t frown at it. More importantly, you should create a welcoming environment that will make your clients feel good and encourage them to keep coming back.
4. Complete the necessary paperwork
Starting a business usually requires registering the business and obtaining all necessary licenses and permits. So contact the appropriate local agencies to complete these steps. If you need some assistance with this aspect, then get in touch with a seasoned attorney or business consultant.
5. Market your weight loss clinic
You need to create awareness of your weight loss clinic to attract clients. Design your clinic’s name and logo and have a big sign placed in front of your clinic. This will make passers-by aware of your clinic.
Print brochures and business cards and list the benefits of losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight on the reverse side. Post fliers in locations frequented by people who would like to lose weight, such as gyms, doctor’s offices, public pools, and salons. Ask for referrals from doctors. Gather testimonials from your first few satisfied clients to use in future advertising. And encourage your clients to refer others to your business.

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