6 Steps To Become a Fitness Training Center

Fitness is different things to different people. It means looking good to many, staying fit to others, being healthy and also being mentally agile. It also means being tight with a high level of tenacity.

A good shape, muscle tone and flexibility are benefits of regular attendance of fitness classes. Fitness is something we see around us daily, and the fit ones go somewhere to get it done, this is why fitness centres have remained very lucrative businesses over the years. We see sports personalities and athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo whose looks and carriage screams “I’m fit “as he plays football on the field. This is very admirable, and a whole lot of people would love to be as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo.

Starting your own fitness centre is a brilliant business idea that is guaranteed to pay your bills and make you financially comfortable. Owning a fitness centre give you the opportunity to be your own boss. You would have enough time for yourself, time to take a vacation when you please, work on your own terms and condition and create jobs as you hire staff.

Some of the benefits you get from owning a fitness centre are meeting people from all walks of life including high classed personalities, and this creates opens up other opportunities for you. Once started, membership gets amazingly large in a short time.
Starting a Fitness Training Center – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Tools of The Trade

To start a fitness center also known as a gym, an exercise studio, health club, athletics club and a personal training studio which can offer services like aerobics classes, yoga sessions, kickboxing special training and massage, you will need training from an already established fitness training center, so you can get the required experience and certification.

Training helps you know various exercise routines, what they are suitable for, where they affect in the body, different machines, equipments and their maintenance, where to start with some clients and how to put the finishing touches to others.

2. Oh! I Almost Forgot, You Need a Business Plan

Next step to take is to draw up your business plan after you must do a feasibility study deciding the standard you want your fitness centre to attain. A feasibility study gives you an idea of the level of profit you can get in your location, pricing used by other fitness centres in your area, how to develop your own pricing strategy and competitors in your site also.

Your business plan should cover an idea of the cost of rent, materials, equipment and how the business will be run. You can hire experts to help you out on the feasibility study and business plan, you could also get online software which should be very helpful. Here is a sample fitness centre business plan template to help you get started.

3. Decide your Budget

Budgeting is also important. You can get equipment prices online and plan on how your capital will be spent efficiently. Your budgeting should cover the cost of transportation, staff and trainers salary, installations etc. It should also include the cost of licensing and liability insurance in case of damage or injury.

A strategic location for the setting up of your fitness centre is also critical. You could decide to buy an already existing gym, or you could build one from scratch or obtain a franchise. Your centre needs to be adequately branded with good interiors. It must also have a very conducive environment. Proper hygiene is essential as everything has to be neat, orderly and organised starting from exteriors to each section in the building.

Buying strong and long lasting equipment is also very important. However, you must ensure you shop carefully for suitable materials and equipment. Buy good machines, clothing, drinks, supplements and other supplies. Buying bulk from recognised companies will help you save cost. Installation of the material should also be appropriately handled because loosed bolts and nuts are dangerous on the floors of fitness centres. Damaged or faulty equipment are also very dangerous.

4. Hire Qualified Trainers

Staffing your fitness centre should also be carefully done. You should hire with caution as qualified trainers would project the image of your business. You should hire people that know how to motivate/inspire confidence. Bad staff cripples your business. Your staff must work with you as a team, they must carry your vision with them in everything they do, and they must also be dedicated and passionate about helping clients achieve desired results.

I am sure you wouldn’t want a client ending up with a bad posture or broken bones at your fitness center. They must also be friendly, accommodating and nice. You need cleaners, a cashier and adequate security, in case your fitness center will be open at night. You would also need skilled masseurs to carry out proper massage on your customers.

5. Gain Publicity

Publicity is very vital in the setting up of any business. This is why you need a fitness center marketing plan. You must get promotional materials like branded flyers and posters. Advertisement on newspaper and the internet also goes a long way. You can also spread the news by word of mouth and involve family and friends in spreading the news of your new fitness center.

As soon as your fitness center is ready to open for business you should have a grand opening as this will give your business more awareness in the community where it is located. On the day of the launch, it would be a wise idea to give a free first day promo followed by other incentives as this would bring more customers especially customers that will give you solid referrals.

6. You Need a Functional Website

Having a fully functional website also helps your business. You could get customers to get their membership online amongst other things. A good branded website gives your fitness center the required publicity it needs.

It is fun to watch people transform and get better all with your help. There is an amazing fulfilment you get when you help your clients achieve their desired goal of a fit body, good shape and confidence. The joy they show and the smile on their faces is a great reward for you and is definitely a good reason to get out of bed each day.

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