7 Steps To Become a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Healthcare staffing agencies help medical and health organizations like; hospitals, nursing homes, mobile health clinics, health outreach organizations, et al; recruit trained health staffs. Healthy staffing agency requires low startup capital and it is indeed a highly profitable venture. As a matter of fact, nurses are the most recruited health workers simply because they are in high demand. So, if you are starting your own healthcare staffing agency, just ensure that you build relationship with the management of nursing schools and health or medical organizations.
No doubt, you would need some form of training and certification in Human Resources to be able to start and manage your own healthcare staffing agency successfully. So ensure that you do all you can to start the process.
Now let us quickly go through the 7 surefire steps to follow to be able to setup your own healthcare staffing agency in your state / country, from the scratch, and then build the business to profitability within the shortest time frame;

Starting a Healthcare Staffing Agency – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Your Research
No doubt it would pay you to first conduct a research on the industry you are about starting your business before you get started. You just have to be sure that a healthcare staffing agency will thrive in the location you intend starting it. Part of your findings should aim towards employers of healthcare staffs to know the challenges they go through in recruiting and training them and if it will save them cost to contract the recruitment of certain health workers. The truth is that it pays most organization to contract the recruitment of some of their staffs to recruitment agencies.
2. Acquire Training and Experience in Human Resource
For you to effectively run your own healthcare staffing agency, you must first of all acquire training and experience in Human Resource. So, ensure that you enroll for a HR related course and also write and pass the various HR certification exams. You can work as an HR intern to gather experience before setting up your own Healthcare staffing agency. The truth is that most organization will appreciate working with a qualified HR personal and it is your certification and experience that will show that you are qualified.
3. Register Your Business
It is important to register your staffing agency with the government of your country before launching the business. As a matter of fact, no corporate organization would want to do business with you if your company is not legal. The truth is that, if your healthcare staffing agency is not registered, you wouldn’t be able to open a corporate account and it is only through a corporate account that a corporate organization can pay you.
4. Rent a Small Office Space
Operating a healthcare staffing agency requires that you rent an office space. The truth is that, you don’t need a very big office space to be able to run this type of business. You just need a space that may contain 2 or 3 office tables and 6 chairs, your photocopy machine, your printer, a cabin for filling, computers, scanners, fax machine, et al. A 2 room office space will be fine for this kind of business.
5. Create Recruitment and Screening Template
Part of the training you are expected to get from HR training school is how to create recruitment and screening template. The truth is that once you place adverts out there for any job opening, you should be ready to have loads of applicants jostling for the available jobs. So it is your responsibility to ensure that you only recruit qualified staffs for your clients. That is why you must conduct background check after the recruitment process to be sure that you don’t create more problems for the organization you are recruiting for.
6. Design Effective Monitoring and Payment Plans
Part of what you need to do is to design effective monitoring and payment plans to be able to successfully run your own healthcare staffing agency. You should arrange paying your healthcare workers in such a way that it won’t spill over to the next month; that is why you should ensure that you receive payment early from you clients and then take out time to sort out your staffs assigned to various hospitals, nursing homes, et al.
To ensure effective service delivery from your staffs, you should employ a supervisor whose duty will be to go round different installations where you have your staffs to monitor their performance. The truth is that most employers of health workers will take you serious if you put a good monitoring process in place and also if you make provision for training and re – training your staffs.
7. Network and Market Your Business Offering
You just have to be aggressive in marketing your services if indeed you want to make good money from your business. What you are expected to do is to map out strategies on how to approach healthcare related businesses in your area.
You can make a list of all the healthcare companies in your state, and then look for ways to contact their Human Resource Manager to market your services. The truth is that if you belong to an association in your state that brings together Human Resource practitioners you can easily get referrals from such association; that is indeed a good way to network.
Over and above, if you are diligent with your healthcare staffing agency, you will definitely make a fortune from the business. There you have it; the 7 surefire steps to follow to be able to start your own healthcare staffing agency from the scratch and then build it to profitability within the shortest time frame.

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