20 Type of Frozen Food Small Business to Become

Food business is one of the best businesses you could ever think of doing. It is not only profitable; it also has a high turnover because people would always eat no matter what their financial situation is like. It doesn’t matter if there is an economic meltdown or global recession, there would always be a need for people to feed themselves. A lot of people can do without new clothes or luxuries like cars, holidays, or even education but as long as a human being keeps living and breathing, there would always be a need for him to feed himself.
Frozen foods business is one of the most lucrative branches of food business because a lot of people are too busy with work that they find it difficult to spend a lot of time cooking or searching for fresh ingredients to cook with. Cooking with fresh ingredients takes a lot of time than using frozen ingredients.
For instance, if you want to cook stew with fresh tomatoes, pepper and all other ingredients, you would have to spend a lot of time preparing the ingredients. A meal that you could spend ten minutes cooking with pre-processed ingredients could take more than thirty minutes using fresh ingredients.
Most people would rather walk into the nearest supermarket, grab some pieces of frozen chicken and cook their meals other than going through the stressful and time consuming process of preparing fresh chicken. Although eating fresh meals is considered healthier, people really have no choice but to rely on ready-made frozen foods to help save time and energy.
Frozen food business can be classified into two types, so if you want to go into this business, you have to select which category you want to go with;

Two Categories of Frozen Food Business

  • Distribution
Frozen food distribution business involves wholesale or retail of frozen food products made by other companies. For this business, all you need is a good cold room, storage facility and a good delivery van. You may also need to obtain business license depending on the country you are operating in.
  • Production
Frozen food production on the other hand involves manufacturing, processing and packaging your own frozen foods under your own brand label. To start this business, you would need more capital than a frozen distribution business; you would also need a business license from food and health regulatory authorities.

Top 20 Frozen Food Small Business ideas

1. Yoghurt-: Yoghurts are healthy snacks. They are usually recommended by nutritionists as a healthy inclusion in our diets daily. To start a frozen yoghurt business, you may decide to buy a franchise of an existing yoghurt business or start producing and selling your own yoghurt. You can either start a walk-in yoghurt restaurant where people can eat their yoghurt while they hang out or supply your yoghurts to retail stores and supermarkets around you.
2. Poultry Products-: Poultry products are the most popular frozen foods that people buy. This business involves selling pre-packaged chicken, turkey, chicken wings, fillets, chicken breasts all other poultry products.
3. Sea food-: Sea foods are mostly used by restaurants and hotels to prepare continental cuisines. A lot of people also eat sea food at home.
4. Chopped Potatoes-: Pre-chopped potatoes are also common in the frozen food industry. This business is really easy to start. All you need is to purchase industrial potato choppers, buy some fresh potatoes, some packaging materials and preservatives.
5. Salads-: Salads are also very healthy. They are packed with vitamins and minerals. A lot of people eat salads on a daily basis.
6. Fruit Juice-: You could also make money from producing and selling fresh, 100% natural fruit juice.
7. Vegetables-: Another business idea in the frozen foods industry is making and selling of mixed vegetables like carrots, green peas, sweet corns, broccoli, spinach etc. Pre-mixed vegetables are very easy to cook with, no chopping or washing required, all that is required is to open and use.
8. Snails-: You could also make money from packaging and selling frozen snails.
9. Dairy Products-: Another idea is to sell dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream etc.
10. Meat: The ratio of vegans to non-vegans is usually higher in most places. A lot of people consume different types of meats and you can make a lot of money from selling pork, beef, goat, gizzard and even sausages.
11. Stew and Soups-: You could also cook and sell delicious stews, soups and sauces that people can easily heat and eat without stress.
12. Frozen meals: You could also make money from selling frozen, pre-packaged meals. Bachelors and busy parents are some of your target customers for this kind of business.
13. Pizza-: You could also make money from packaging and selling frozen pizza or pizza toppings.
14. Sliced onions-: A lot of people hating slicing onions because of the teary effect that it has on the eyes. Such people rely on pre-sliced onions to cook their meals.
15. Dog Food-: Another smart business idea is selling frozen dog foods or other types of cooked pet foods.
16. Snacks and appetizers-: Think about putting your baking skills to use by selling frozen snacks and appetizers.
17. Packaging Materials-: You can serve other frozen food business owners around you by selling and supplying of packaging materials to frozen food manufacturing companies.
18. Mobile Frozen food store-: Another option is to start a mobile frozen food store to give people access to all types of frozen foods without necessarily having to make a trip to the grocery store.
19. Selling Frozen food equipment-: If you are not interested in any of the businesses listed above, you can consider becoming a distributor or retailer of equipment used to manufacture and sell frozen foods such as freezers, cold rooms, cutters, choppers and all other necessary tools.
20. Fresh farm supplier: To process frozen foods, one needs fresh foods. You can start a business of supplying fresh farm produce to frozen food manufacturers to be used for processing frozen foods.

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