7 Steps To become an Amusement Park Business

When Walt Disney decided to build Disney® Land, most people who knew him never taught he would achieve the success he achieved by establishing Disney Land. As a matter of fact, Disney Land is the number one spot for children and adults looking for a park to catch maximum fun; People travel from all over the world and pay expensive fee to visit Disney Land.
The truth is that any entrepreneur can model a business after Disney Land in any part of the world and still make huge success from the business. So, if you are passionate about making children catch fun, then you should think of starting an amusement park.
No doubt starting an amusement park requires huge startup capital and serious planning, but over and above, it is indeed a profitable venture especially if your amusement park is well equipped with facilities that can guarantee every child that visit maximum fun.
Starting an amusement park requires long term planning and a collection of experts to help you execute the plans you have drafted on paper. As a matter of fact, you would need project managers, architects, civil engineers et al. The only way you can escape the rigors involved in starting your own amusement park from the scratch is by acquiring existing amusement park that is put – up for sale, or buying a franchise of an existing and successful amusement park.
Now let us quickly consider the 7 surefire tips to follow to be able to start your own amusement park from the scratch and then build it to profitability within the shortest time possible;

Starting an Amusement Park – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Feasibility Studies is Necessary
The fact that establishing an amusement park requires intense planning and huge startup capital means that it will be very risky to start the business without first conducting feasibility studies. As a matter of fact, your feasibility studies indicates whether starting an amusement park in your city is the right business to do and the kind of competition you would be up against or not. Your feasibility studies will also give you an idea of the total amount required to set up an amusement park and the kind of designs and games that will attract people and loads of other factors that will determine the success of your business.
2. A Good Business Plan is needed
The fact and statistic you get from your feasibility studies would help you to put together a workable business plan that will pass reality test when it is subjected to it. Your business plan should capture your vision and mission, your business plan should contain your plans of raising capital to finance your business, your business plan should capture the strategy you need to adopt to manage and expand your business and any other factor that will lead to the success of your business.
3. Assemble Competent Team to Work with You
Starting an Amusement park can be considered to be a major project and it is not a business that an individual can establish alone. You can conceive the idea of starting an amusement park, but you would need a team of competent professionals to help you with the planning, designs and executions of your plans.
As a matter of fact, you would need a good project manager, an architect, a civil engineer, and you would also need electrical and mechanical engineers as well. So, ensure that you search for experienced and competent professionals to help you execute your plans of starting your own amusement park. One of the ways you can get them committed to your project is to make them share holders in your amusement park business.
4. You Must Register Your Business
Starting an amusement park is indeed a big business and it is not one of those businesses you can start without first registering the business. Hence, ensure that you approach the corporate affairs commission of your country to register your business name and then approach the nearest tax office to obtain your Tax Payer’s ID.
5. Raise the Required Startup Capital
Starting an amusement park is indeed a capital intensive business and that is why you must put plans in place to raise the startup capital required. There are several ways you can raise startup capital for your business. The truth is that if you have a good business plan that has passed reality test, then you can use it as a tool to raise startup capital from investors or obtain loan from the bank. Another thing you should do to raise the capital to finance your amusement park is to admit financial partners to be part of the business.
6. Acquire a Landed Property Large Enough for Your Amusement Park
Normally, amusement parks are built on large portion of land. So, if you are searching for land to be used for your amusement park, ensure that you lease or acquire a land that is large enough to accommodate the design you have for your amusement park. The truth is that you are likely not going to get a landed property that is large enough to fit into your plans in the heart of the city except you just want a small (indoor) amusement park that can only accommodate few people per time.
But if your intention of starting your own amusement park is to build a park that is large enough to accommodate visitors from far and wide, then you should consider moving to the outskirt of town where you will get vast land to buy.
7. Promote Your Amusement Park
There are various ways that you can promote your amusement park. Some of the ways you can adopt to promote your amusement park business is to advertise on children’s channels, distribute handbills in schools and you can as well promote your amusement park on the internet.
There you have it; the 7 surefire tips to follow to be able to start your own amusement park.

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