8 Steps To Become an Actor or Actress With No Experience

Being a king or queen of the tube is one way to be known globally as a superstar. This is no wonder those who are in the movie industry work really hard to stay at the top of their games any day- any time. For this reason, they have to stay abreast with the trends that operate in their industry at all times.
Whilst some say that actors and actresses are born, yet others say that they just are made. This is why there might be some young folks who possess these sharp acting skills. However, this doesn’t in any way negate the fact that even as a rookie you couldn’t possibly make it big as an actor or actress.
So, just what must be done if you have got a penchant for the acting industry, but just do not know whether you might be able to really make it big here? Well, this read sure would give you a glimpse into how you can become and break into the movie world even without experience. If you are ready, then here you have it.

Becoming a Successful Actor/Actress With No Experience – A Beginner’s Guide

1. Decide To Get a Degree at the University or an Arts School
When you consider the number of years that you might have to tie down at the university, you might be discouraged. However, there are other ways to go about this other than the university. At the university, you may decide to study television arts, theatre arts, as well as other arts related courses. Nonetheless, you must know that these courses vary from country to country. On the other hand, you may decide to run some crash courses at an arts or film academy. All in all, it is paramount that you get really conversant with the trade.
2. Attend Acting Seminars and Workshops
You do not need to have known jack before you think of attending a practical acting workshop. All that would be required of you would be the fees involved in learning, as well as the zeal and interest to carve a niche for yourself in the acting industry. Whilst the duration of the trainings at these places vary from country to country, still, you can be sure that it isn’t as lengthy a duration, as that of the university which might take you years.
3. Attend Theatre Auditioning
You may consider looking for various auditioning in your area or community because of the sole aim of learning. This is one very veritable way through which you can learn the ropes more. How may this be, you might wonder? This means that you are able to learn from the mistakes of those who didn’t do well, and as such were left out. On the other hand, you stand to gain a lot from those who were selected as you are able to tell the things they did to get chosen.
4. Hire an Acting Coach
If you think you may be able to afford hiring an acting coach, then please do not relent on this as there are immense benefits when you do this. Whilst, this may not cost an arm and a leg, you can also be sure that it doesn’t come at a very low price either. What is in this for you, you may wonder? This means that you have a teacher who would be at your beck and call coaching you on various acting techniques that would help you brush up as well as build your skills that can help you land great acting roles.
5. Know your strengths
It is very needful that as you learn the ropes along the line, that you are also able to master your strengths and weaknesses. This means that you have got to be very in tune with your prowess so that you can readily be able to build into your resume the skills you have. These skills may include the following, accents, special ways of impersonation, and a host of others.
6. Become a Member of a Performing Body
If you have ever heard the saying that goes like this; ‘no man is an island’, then you would wholeheartedly agree with me that becoming a member of a performing acting body is one of the surest signs that you really are bent to take your career in acting seriously even with no experience. This is so because some directors and folks who scout for actors and actresses first go to these unions and bodies to scout for actors and actresses. Therefore, if you do your home work right, you are sure to be picked real soon.
7. Draft a Resume for Yourself
Now that you have been trained and most probably are getting a grasp of what the acting world is about and what is obtainable, then it might just be time that you build your own resume. Be sure to include the acting practical performances you have featured in, as well as other on the job experiences you may have garnered. Even though you might still look so much like a rookie, but be rest assured that some directors go all out to audition newbie if they want to cut costs. Who knows, you just might be lucky to land a lead role for a newbie.
8. Decide to Start Humbly
This means that you must be content with whatever role you land first. Whilst in some countries you may have to start as a supporting actor or actress based on your experience, yet in other countries, you may be so lucky to land a very big role at first. However, the key lesson to know here is that you must be ready to start small. However, if something big comes along the line, then that would be an addendum.
So, now you see that starting off an acting career with no experience at all is so very possible. All that would be required of you to pull through as an actor or actress with no experience, is to adhere to these steps, as well as go in with a positive mind to make it real soon.

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