9 Steps To Become a Bounce House Rental Service Business

If you are thinking to make the day of a kid, then you would agree with me that providing a kid with the opportunity of bouncing on a castle is one way to keep them happy, yet busy. This is no wonder that event planners try all they can to keep bouncy houses in place for kids at birthday parties, corporate events and fundraisers.
If you are an events planner, or you think you have a penchant for starting bounce house rental business then you are reading the right article, as this read would give you all the insights and information you need to start your own bounce house rental service.
Therefore, here are the factors that you must consider when thinking to start your own business; of which the most important is a bounce house business plan. However, you must note that you must meticulously follow through with these steps so as to reach a logical conclusion.

Starting a Bounce House Rental Service – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Read up plenty on the Business
Going into this line of business means that you have got to study plenty of information concerning the bouncy house rental business. Make the internet your friend and browse and get a whole lot of information as much as you can garner. You may also consider getting books on this business online in the version of eBooks, as well as from a local library.
2. Register Your Business
You do not only want to deal with individuals, therefore you must be ready to go the whole nine yards by registering your business. Come up with a name that depicts what you are doing, and thereafter proceed to the appropriate quarters in your country to do the proper documentation.
3. Get Some Trainings
You may have to consider giving some time to going to understudy how the business is being run. Whilst you may have learnt some theoretical knowledge about the business, you would also need a practical know how on how the business is run. Doing this means you would under learn how clients are charged, number of employees needed as well as other basic and vital information.
4. Get Licensed
Obtaining a license and permit varies from country to country; therefore you must look to be sure that you can only operate either with or without a license and permit. Whilst some states may state categorically that bouncy houses rental business owners may operate without a license, yet others have strict measures towards this.
5. Secure a place For Storage
One other thing you have got to put into consideration when wanting to start a bouncy house rental business is where you may likely store your stuff when not in use. Provide a storage facility for the bounce houses; this could be in a big yard like a residential place or in a rented space.
However, do take note that this all depends upon the number of inflatable owned. Be sure that such a storage facility should be a place where the equipment is clean, dry and away from animals that may spoil it.
6. Purchase a Bounce House
Here you would need to Purchase an inflatable bounce house from a manufacturer or supplier. You may consider asking those who are already in business about where and how you can purchase theirs; or you can also turn to the internet again for direction.
You can limit yourself to purchasing a few for now, but as your business grows, you can purchase additional models to provide a variety and to service multiple customers all at the same time.
7. Purchase a Means of Transportation
One other key thing to take note of is how to transport your bouncy house to the venue where it is needed to be used. For this reason, you must be able to pool resources together for the purchase of the means of transportation.
For starters, you may want to consider the purchase or rent of a truck or trailer to transport the bouncy house to an event. But you must bear in mind that every inflatable can weigh more than 100 lbs.
8. Advertise Your Business
Marketing is basic tool that any business owner must put in place if profit is to be assured. Therefore, a bouncy house rental business owner must do his work very well. Here are some advertising modes that might be of help to you as you think to build your bouncy house rental business; Print flyers or handbills to state where your business is all about and where you are located.
Be sure to have your contact details, you can also have a blog of website where you state the services you render, as well as what gains your customers stand to gain. Finally you can look at using the social media to push your business.
9. Word Hard and Stay Positive
In doing any business at all, the importance of working hard and working smart cannot be overemphasized. What does this mean?
It means that you must be tenacious as you build this business and you must make it a point of duty to only engage in activities that are worth your while. Some people waste their time on activities that wouldn’t yield anything and so you must be able to identify only worthwhile activities.
Would all these steps help you pull through? Yes, they all would as long as you religiously follow through on the tips that have been given earlier. In addition to all these, it is very important that you stay positive and optimistic that as you start out your business with the hope of building it to the zenith that you would make it in record time.

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