10 Types of Business in Wedding Related To Become from Home

Business in Wedding Related

Do you love the euphoria of weddings? Do you like hanging around wedding venues? Well, you can make money out of this passion of yours. Below are ten wedding-related business ideas that you can start from home with little or no money.

I love weddings. The general excitement, the mixture of anxiety, happiness, and love on the couple face as they prepare to begin a new journey and a new phase of their lives, the romantic atmosphere, the music and dancing, and yea, the food. These things just make us want to get married every day. Lol.

So if you are a wedding lover like me, we know that we cannot get married every day, but we can definitely be part of a wedding every day of our lives. When you set up a wedding-related business, you get the opportunity to help couples with their big day and make it a grand event.

There are several wedding-related business ideas, and different concepts come up daily. Still, i have decided to highlight the top 10 wedding-related business ideas in terms of popularity, customer patronage, and profitability.

You don’t want to start a business that renders a service that most people are not interested in patronizing or a service that has a cheaper and better substitute. So, when you are choosing the wedding-related business you want to do, you must make sure you select something accessible and in high demand.

Most of the wedding-related business ideas require basic training, so you should ensure that you get the necessary training; so that you would be able to perform better or you should hire someone who is trained to manage the business for you. But most of the training is for short periods and very affordable, so you should get trained instead of leaving your business in the hands of others.

So if you are searching for a business opportunity in the wedding industry (is that even correct?) Wedding industry? Anyway, my dictionary says trade is a group of businesses offering similar products or services, so I guess the wedding industry is correct. In any case, you can choose from any of the following:
Top 10 Wedding Related Business ideas to Start from Home

1. Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are not only involved in organizing and co-coordinating the event, but they also do so many others that bring them more income. As a wedding planner, you can learn how to decorate wedding venues, so that whenever you are given a job to plan a wedding, you can also handle the decoration of the site.

As the wedding planner, you will mostly be saddled with the responsibility of hiring other vendors to handle different aspects of the business; so if you also provide other wedding related services, you can easily manage all the other elements and increase your profit.

Apart from the increase in profits, you also get to reduce disappointments from other vendors. Other services you can provide as wedding planners include wedding catering, ushering, cake making, and drinks supply.

2. Wedding gown sales and rentals

Maybe I am too money conscious (as a business consultant, I should be right?), but I just don’t understand the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a wedding gown when I can rent one for a couple of hundreds? Anyway, brides spend a lot on their dream wedding dress to create that perfect look on their wedding day. You can expect the figures to go even higher if it’s a celebrity wedding.

If you have eyes for fashion and top quality, you can start helping brides by selling wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dressings, tuxedos, and suits for the men, lingerie and corsets, wedding shoes, tiaras, and cosmetics. If you do not have too much capital to invest in the business, you can cater to the money-conscious couples like me and start a wedding dress rental service-with few dresses, a business telephone, and a website, you are good to go.

3. Photography and Videography

My personal favorite, I love photos. Well, the couples won’t be taking selfies at their wedding, so they will need someone to capture every moment and that someone could be you. However, this one requires that you get trained. Your job would be to take pictures at the wedding and deliver both soft and hard copies of the photos to the couple.

You need to be creative as a wedding photographer and continuously come up with ideas to promote your business. For instance, I have seen wedding photographers create wedding websites for their clients where they upload the pictures and attach the videos; so that even after the event is long gone, couples can relive the experience.

4. Wedding Disc Jockey (DJ) / Live band

Some couples love to have a DJ at their wedding while some prefer a live band, and some want both. You can decide to provide any of these services. But remember that to set up a music band, you must be a talented singer. No croaky voices or annoying songs except you want your first contract to be the last.

If you are interested in wedding music and you do not know how to sing live, then you should consider becoming a wedding DJ. As a wedding DJ, you must please ask the couple for some of their favorite songs, so that you can include them in your music list.

5. Wedding Master of Ceremony

If you are funny and witty and you love talking, especially in front of a large crowd, then you won’t have a problem being a wedding MC. Every wedding needs an MC who would be in charge of anchoring the event and keeping the wedding guests happy.

6. Make-up Artist

Well, I don’t know of any bride that likes to look unattractive on her big day. Brides spend a lot of money on make-up for their big day to make them look their best on their big day. However, the wedding make-up business is a little saturated right now, so if you want to become a make-up artist, you must make sure you are very good at it.

That is the only way you can rise above the competition and survive in this business. There are also various opportunities for a make-up artist outside the wedding industry.

7. Honeymoon Services

After the wedding comes to the honeymoon. Who says the honeymoon is not as important as the wedding? The honeymoon is just as important because this is the first phase of the couple’s marital journey, the stage where they get to know each other better and discover each other.

You can help couples create the most romantic honeymoon experience ever by planning their honeymoon destination, planning out activities for them, booking travel and event tickets, hotel accommodation, etc.

8. Luxury car rentals

Couples love to use sleek rides for their dream wedding. You can start a car rental service that focuses on weddings, and when there are no wedding engagements, you can rent out your car to tourists and other people who are interested in renting cars.

9. Hall rentals

This is partly a wedding business, somewhat real estate. If you have a deep pocket, you can build a place where people can use it as a venue for their wedding program.

10. Gift Packaging Services

You can also offer gift packaging and delivery services. Help couples and wedding guests choose and present the perfect gifts for the wedding.

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