9 Steps To Become a Bible School

It is no longer news that school business have continued to soar over the years in nearly all parts of the world. This is because of the fact that a lot of folks are beginning to come to terms with the fact that education is the best legacy. This is whether it is the formal education, the vocational education or any other form of education at all.
In recent times one other area which Christian entrepreneurs are beginning to cash in on is the bible school business. However, this is not to say that there hasn’t been the existence of bible schools before now. In fact the emergence of bible schools dates back to centuries ago.
As the thirst and zeal to know a lot more about the bible and Christianity religion came to fore, people saw the reason and need to create bible schools where biblical knowledge are taught. It is for this reason that this article proposes to look into the ways that you can start your own bible school. Here are top notch tips on how you too can start a bible school that is if you have decided to make this a business, as there are free bible schools all around.

Starting a Bible School – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Be Determined
It isn’t okay for you to nurse the feeling to own a bible school merely because you are a Christian. It is however expedient that much more than having the wish that you are determined this is the kind of venture you want to go into. Why is this so you might ask?This is simply because with determination you might then be willing to go all the way to pursue your dream to a fruitful end.
2. Undertake a Market Survey
This is one of the important factors that you must really hold dearly. This is because no man embarks on the journey of starting a business without first undertaking some research. This research and the findings you get would to a large extent determine a whole lot of things. Things like; how those who have already started the bible school pulled through, the steps they took that helped them, the mistakes they made. The possible amount of being that might be needed for start up, the kind of location needed and what have you.
3. Run a Course
It isn’t enough that you carry out a market research. You may also want to consider running a crash course in a bible school, so that you can have firsthand experience on how things are run. Whilst, some of the courses being offered in these schools vary from country to country, you may still want to opt for courses that are short in duration, During these periods you may want to find out the types of courses offered, the day to day operations and activities and how they are run, and a host of other things that you can physically find out for yourself. There also might be the need for you to take someone into confidence by letting them know the sole purpose why you have enrolled. When you do this, you may be able to get better information.
4. Find the Purpose Why You Want One
After you have taken the steps mentioned earlier, then you can now find the purpose why you want to start a bible school. Deciphering why you really want one means that you can easily come to grasp with what the students who attend your school stand to gain as well as the kind of graduates you would be churning out.
This is because it isn’t enough that you just want to start one for profit. There has to be an underlying factor why you want one to be set up. For some it might be the thirst to educate people biblically, whilst to some it might be because they have seen another person thrive at it and they want to achieve the same kind of success.
5. Draw a Business Plan
This is also a veritable step you may want to consider dealing with seriously. This means that you must be ready to draw up an immediate, short term, as well as long term plan about your intended business. The information here would include how the business would be run, the amount needed to get started, how many faculties you plan to have, the number of lecturers you plan to have, as well as other very indispensable information.
6. Incorporate Your Company and Get a License
This is in no way a type of business that you can start from home. This is because you would have to meet some very vital requirements by the government authorities. This is why it is very important that you first get a business name for your school, get the right documentation for your business from the appropriate quarters in your country, and then get the required license. For some the requirement would be that you get a befitting space.
7. Get a Space
Here you would need your realtor to help in getting a good space. This means that you would need to determine how big you want your school to be so that you know what the realtor is targeting at. You may consider a large space if you are looking to start really big or a moderate apartment if you want to start moderately. However, be sure that either way you would still need to furnish and make things look okay before you commence operation.
8. Draw up a Curriculum and Hire Workers
If you have a background in this field or if you have been to a school of theology yourself then you may consider drawing up the course curriculum yourself. On the other hand if you haven’t then you may want to consider hiring an expert, who might be one of the lecturers who would eventually work with you.
9. Market Your School
You may consider starting with your local church by announcing or printing flyers about your bible school. This is so that so that you start from the known to the unknown. Thereafter, you may consider outsiders and non church members. The internet is also a good area through which to market your school.
There you have it. With these steps taken seriously, you can be sure to start your own bible school on a right footing. This is because these are tested steps that have helped those who have succeeded.

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