10 Products Idea To Become a Green Business

More and more people are becoming aware of the need to go green. Now, this has nothing to do with the color green. So, don’t start wondering why people in your locality aren’t painting their houses green or flaunting green attires yet.
Going green simply means choosing a lifestyle that respects and protects our planet by purchasing and using products that don’t cause damage to the either the living or non-living components of the environment.
While switching to a green lifestyle isn’t really easy for most people, many have started with little changes. And now, people are insisting on green products and services. In fact, products manufactured in line with green recommendations now come with a special label—it’s actually a selling point.
Now that many people are buying green products and services, how can your benefit from that as an entrepreneur? No, you don’t necessarily have to start a company manufacturing solar panels. You can make a lot of profit just by starting a small, home based business that sells eco-friendly products. Here are 10 hot-in-demand green products that you should consider selling from home:

Starting a Green Business: 10 Products Ideas to Sell from Home

1. Water bottles
Due to the need to go green, people are now turning away from plastic water bottles in favor of reusable, eco-friendly ones made of glass, stainless steel, or aluminum. Though sending your plastic water bottles to the recycling plant is a good idea, avoiding them and using eco-friendly ones is much better. So, you can start selling ‘green‘ water bottles from home.
2. Energy-saving light bulbs
Standard light bulbs drain a lot of energy within a household. People are now turning towards LED, halogen, or CFL lamps, instead, since these are more energy efficient. Not only do these eco-friendly bulbs help people cut down on huge energy costs, using them also protects the environment from the harms of too much energy consumption.
3. Eco-friendly outdoor lights
As an alternative to the traditional floodlights that drain too much energy and significantly increase monthly energy bills, people are now using energy-efficient electric lamps or solar lightning systems. Whether they are looking for motion detection pathways or decorative lightning, people now illuminate their outdoor areas at night by harnessing the power of the sun during the day.
4. Rechargeable batteries
Many technology products run on dry-cell batteries. When these batteries are used and disposed of, it causes a strain on the planet’s resources and environment–and on people’s wallets, too. This explains why rechargeable batteries are now in huge demand. These batteries can be charged either with a solar or electronic charger. So, you can start a business that cells rechargeable dry-cell batteries.
5. Shopping bags
In some places, the use of plastic and nylon shopping bags have been discontinued or discouraged. Why? The reason is because these products are non-degradable and end up causing much damage to our dear planet. While many people have agreed to switch to using the eco-friendly cotton mesh or insulated bags, these types are still scarce. So, there are huge profit opportunities for business selling them.
6. Diapers
About 20 billion—yes 20 thousand million—disposable diapers are used and dumped in landfills sites every year in the United States and Canada alone. That speaks volume about the heavy use of diapers globally. Aside being are dangerous to the environment, disposable diapers are dangerous to babies due to the chemicals used to manufacture them. Bamboo, or cloth diapers are much better, eco-friendly alternatives that are enjoying increasing patronage.
7. Lunch packs
To either cut costs or reduce the risk of allergy, people now prefer stainless steel or fabric eco-friendly lunch containers to the traditional plastic ones. Aside that these new products can increase the value of your homemade meal, they are also friendly with the environment.
8. Napkins
Huge number of trees and vast amounts of energy go into the production of paper napkins and towels. Worse, the process emits pollution. Now, proponents of the green campaign are now switching to cloth napkins made from linen or cotton. By selling these eco-friendly alternatives from home, you will not only make money, but you will also join the green campaign and help to protect our planet.
9. Office equipment
Waste paper, used ink cartridges, and other consumables used in offices ultimately damage the environment. People are now switching to alternatives that are not only eco-friendly but also much cheaper.
10. Home decor
People are now keeping the environment in mind when beautifying their homes. Eco-friendly home decoration items such as water-powered clocks, moss bath mats, etc. are now in huge demand. So, if you start selling such items from home, you will most likely end up with huge profits.

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