7 Steps To Become a Used Beer Bottles Business and Make Money

If you are having tons of used beer bottles in your home and are completely stuck as to what to do with them, this post is for you.
While recycling might seem the only way out, there are many ways you can put the bottles to good use after enjoying the chilled beer in them. And not only can you rid your home of them; you can actually make money from them. That sounds interesting, right? You’d be amazed at the number of creative ways you can make money from used beer bottles. Here are some of them:

7+ Guaranteed Ways to Make Money from Used Beer Bottles

1. Candle holder
You can make a candle holder from a beer bottle by simply cutting the top half of the bottle. You will have a cone- shaped object with two ends, a wide and a narrow end. That’s your candle holder. Now, use sandpaper to polish the sharp edges of the cut end. And put a candle in the mouth of the bottle (the narrower end). Your candle stand is ready! Don’t dispose of the remaining part of the original bottle. You can also make something else out of this. Read on to find out.
2. Beer bottle tumblers
From the remaining part of the bottle left after making your candle holder, you can make a beer bottle tumbler that looks classy and elegant. Just polish the cut edge into a smooth ‘mouthpiece’, and your tumbler is ready. So, you don’t have to buy glass tumblers again, just make them at home. And you can sell them, too. To add some unique touch, you can have the bottles etched with some funny quotes or labels.
3. Beer bottle candles
Another great idea is to make big candles out of your used beer bottles.How? Simply cut off the top half of the bottle and fill the lower half with candle wax. Pass a wick through the wax, and you will have a very big candle that comes in handy when power goes off. Make many of them for sale, and you’d rake in some decent profit. Interestingly, these candles can last much longer than those tiny ones we’re used to. And that’s a strong selling point, you know?
4. Soap dispenser
Now, you can stop buying disposable soap dispensers. Instead, just replace the cap of your used beer bottle with a dispensing cap, and you will get a refillable soap dispenser that you only have to keep refilling with liquid soap. You can make many of these sell and sell to people. It’s actually an eco-friendly alternative to using disposable plastic soap dispensers (which are non-biodegradable and have long-term damaging effects on the environment).
5. Beer bottle lamps
You can also make beautiful lamps out of your used beer bottles. This involves no cutting polishing. All you have to do is take a used beer bottle, stuff it up with small light bulbs (LED bulbs) or a string of blinking lights, and place it by where you can get to appreciate it the most. You can also use colored bottles to produce amazing colored lamps.
6. Vase
You can also make flower vases from used beer bottles. Simply cut the mouth of the beer bottle. Here, you don’t have to make a straight cut. In fact, making a slant cut is better, as it gives the vase a unique, raw look. But be sure to polish the sharp edge to prevent them from hurting. Take your bunch of flowers and stick them in!
7. Home brewing
If you have great brewing ideas, you can reuse your used beer bottles for home brewing. Not only does this save you money, but it also helps you go green. Before you re-use beer bottles, soak them in warm (not hot!) water for a few hours. This will soften the labels, so you can peel them off easily. After removing the labels, sterilize the bottles thoroughly and leave them to dry completely. Now, the bottles are safe to store your home beer. And if you are looking to make and sell your own beer, you can use the bottles for that, too.
In addition to the ideas explained, there are many other things you can make from beer bottles and then sell to make money. Examples include, herb planters, bottle chandelier lamps, bottle jars, salt and pepper shakes, and so on.
After making new stuff from your used beer bottles, you can sell them to ready buyer on EBay and other online marketplaces. Alternatively, you can sell them at local trade fairs and flea markets.

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