20 Types of Small Business Opportunities To Become in Solar Energy industry

Are you interested in starting a business in the alternative energy sector? Then below are the top 20 solar energy small business opportunities and ideas that you can start today.
Humans are becoming aware of the need to protect and preserve the environment; thus sparking the rise of the green movement and an increasing demand for eco-friendly products.
The business world is also not left out of this trend. As the business world gets increasingly competitive, companies are concerned with how to cut costs of production and stay ahead of competitors.
For companies all around the world, energy costs have always been a challenge, zapping up as much as 30-50% of the cost of production. Due to this problem, companies have been left with no other choice than to seek for alternative sources of energy.
Solar energy is one of the alternative sources of energy that lots of companies, cities and individuals have adopted. The use of solar has enabled companies to cut costs and gain competitive advantage through reduction of costs.
Statistics all around the world have shown a steady increase in the use of solar energy over the last five years. This growth is very impressive especially to people who are interested in investing in solar energy business. There are many business opportunities for investors interested in solar energy business. Some of which include-:

Top 20 Solar Energy Small Business ideas and Opportunities

1. Solar Energy Auditor
As a solar energy auditor, your job will be to visit the homes or business premises of people who are interested in cutting energy costs and switching to solar energy to conduct an inspection in order to recommend ways through which they can improve energy efficiency with the use of solar energy.
2. Solar panel Installation-: With the increase in the number of people embracing solar energy, you can start a solar panel installation business to help people install good solar energy systems in their homes or business premises.
3. Independent Solar Consultant-: Solar energy consultants supervise, monitor and make recommendations when a solar installation project is being/about to be carried out.
4. Solar System repairer-: You can become a solar system repairer to help people maintain and service their solar panels whenever there is a breakdown or malfunction.
5. Solar projects developer-: There are a lot of inventions that you can make in the solar energy industry. You can start a company that would be involved in researching and developing innovative products that would enhance the use of solar energy power.
6. Solar product marketer
Becoming a solar product marketer is also a smart business idea. Some of your responsibilities will be to introduce the benefits of switching to solar energy as a source of power to business owners. You may do this as an independent solar product seller or as an affiliate of a solar installation company.
7. Solar broker
A solar broker helps people save money and time when installing solar energy systems. They shop for the best products at the most affordable prices. They serve as a link between a person who want to install solar energy systems and companies such installations.
8. Solar panel Cleaner
Solar panels need regular cleaning and maintenance and this is mostly done by professionals to prevent damage. You can seize this opportunity to offer cleaning services to people who are interested in having their solar panels cleaned the professional way.
9. Solar products distributor-: You can become a wholesaler of solar power products and to companies and individuals who deal with solar installation.
10. Solar Training services
Another smart opportunity is to start a solar energy training school for people who want to learn about solar installation or how to start a solar installation business. You can alsoorganize trainings and seminars for people interested in the use of solar energy.
11. Sales of informational products
Are you very knowledgeable about happenings in the solar energy industry? Do you have information on products and where to find them at cheaper rates? Then you can write an e-book sharing your knowledge with the world or a weekly/monthly magazine to share information with interested people.
12. Financing consultant
Some companies may be interested in switching to the use of solar energy but may be restrained by the huge costs of embarking on such a project. You can start a business which is aimed at helping such companies raise the needed funds.
13. Solar appraisal services-: This service is very useful in the real estate industry. Your responsibility will be to help value homes with solar energy installations whenever they are to be sold.
15. Solar Insurance-: Another smart idea is to offer insurance services to house owners and companies who have solar energy systems installed so that whenever there is a need for repair or replacement, it can be done easily.
16. Agriculture-: You can become a consultant to farmers and teach them how to use solar energy to enhance the growth of crops.
17. Solar Health Consultant-: It’s no news that solar energy is beneficial to human health. You can become a health consultant to help people with illnesses or diseases that can be healed with the use of solar energy.
18. Solar Energy Promoter
Despite the fact that solar energy is getting more popular, there are still lots of people who are know little about how solar energy can help them cut costs. You can start a business that helps to increase awareness for solar energy power and help more people know about the system.
19. Job placement Services
There are companies who require services of professionals who are very experienced with solar energy to help them manage their solar energy system on a full-time basis. You can start a recruitment agency to help such companies find professionals who are qualified and capable of filing such positions.
20. Solar energy storage-: Another angle of business you can look into is solar energy storage. This involves creating products that can store solar energy as a backup like batteries or generators.
22. Solar cell technology-: Conclusively, you can create cell-phones that use solar energy, solar chargers or even solar power banks.

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