7 Steps To Become a Portable Toilet Rental Company

If you have been thinking of becoming your own boss and make more bucks for yourself whilst having control of your time, then you should of starting your own portable toilet rental business especially if you live in an area that host events in open field or camps at a regularly basis.
Portable toilets are always in demand in areas known to host open field parties, rallies, construction sites, events or sports such as mountain biking, mountain marathon, skiing, hunting camp, camps for different purposes et al.
If you have the capital required to purchase some numbers of portable toilets, and you have space to keep them, then you should consider investing in portable toilet rental business. No doubt, starting any rental business including portable toilet rental business is a profitable venture if there are demands for what you are renting. That is why it is important to confirm whether you rental business can thrive in the location you want to establish it.
Portable toilet rental business is an aspect of the service industry that entrepreneurs don’t find fashionable to engage in, but the fact remains that it is highly lucrative and the competition is very low compare to other type of businesses in the service industry.
If you have done your research and you think you can do well in this line of business, then you should follow these 7 steps to successfully start your own portable toilet rental business from the scratch and then build it to profitability within the shortest time possible;

Starting a Portable Toilet Rental – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Conduct Your Feasibility Studies
The fact that rental business is one of the easiest businesses to start does not mean that anything you choose to put up for rent will be rented. The truth is that portable toilet rental business cannot thrive in every city. As a matter of fact, this type of business can only do well in areas notable for hosting open air rallies, camping, sports, et al.
So part of what you should look out for during your research is to confirm if these events or sports are done in the area you intending starting your portable rental business. There is no point starting a business in a place you aren’t sure your services or products will be needed. Business is all about seeing a need in a society and filling the need.
2. Draft a Business Plan
A good business plan is needed to successfully start and run any business. Enough though research and work must be put into your business plan to make it solid enough to support the growth and expansion of the business. So, if you know you are not trained to write a business plan, you can hire business plan writers to help you draft one. They will help you with all the research and feasibility studies. No doubt a good business plan will help you with strategies that will enable you run and grow your business with less stress and with little or no trial by errors method.
3. Raise Your Startup Capital
No doubt leasing a facility large enough to accommodate all your portable toilets is sure going to be expensive. Also the money required to acquire enough portable toilets that can serve your clients might not be cheap. That is the reason why you must carry out costing to know the required capital you are expected to generate before starting your own portable rental business.
4. Register Your Business and Apply for License and Permits
Running a portable toilet rental business requires that you register the business with the government of your country before applying for a license and a permit. You would need a license to operate this type of business because of the environmental hazard that is involved. You must apply to the public health department and environmental management agency of your country to get a permit.
This is important because they would not want you to indiscriminately empty sewage in the environment because it can result to epidemic in the environment. As a matter of fact, the government will inspect your waste management system / plans before you can be issued a permit to run your portable toilet rental business.
5. Lease a Space for Your Business
When looking for space, you should look for a facility that is large enough to contain the numbers of portable toilets you are putting up for rent. Therefore, ensure that you inform your real estate agent of the kind of business you are into so that they will be well guided when search for a facility for you. In some cities, you might have to check with the municipal authority to be sure that you can be allowed to run portable toilet rental business there.
6. Acquire Portable Toilets
The numbers of portable toilets that you are expected to acquire would be dependent on your finance and the nature of the market you are expected to service. One good thing about portable toilets is that you can talk to the manufacturers to help you produce them based on your design and specifications. No doubt portable toilets can be expensive, but the truth remains that if properly handled and maintained, you can make your money on it over and over again.
7. Market Your Business
There are people that need your portable toilets in the city where you live and it is your responsibility to locate them and then market your business to them. What you need to do is to partner with event planners. When you partner with even planners, you are likely going to get referrals from them and they will also rent your portable toilets when they are organizing events for their clients. You can as well advertise your business in newspapers, radio stations, TVs et al.
The fact that people might continue to host parties, sporting events, camping, open air rallies and the likes is so true. There will always be need for portable toilets.

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