8 Steps To Become an Aluminum Can Recycling Company

The recycling business has come to stay and the good part of it is that it enjoys the support of environmentalist and the government of various nations since it is a means to preserve the earth from degradation, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution.
Aluminum can recycling saves energy and the process of recycling is cheaper compared to starting from the scratch. It is a fact that aluminum is a sustainable metal and it can be recycled over and over again to produce new products. Another good thing is that recycling aluminum cans requires about 5% of the energy used in the production of virgin aluminum from the ore.
The essence of recycling aluminum cans is to make use of the already used cans for the production of new cans or other aluminum products and components. This process is simple and cost effective; the used aluminum cans are collected and sorted before they are melted. The melted aluminum cans can be used for the production of new cans, aluminum tools, products or aluminum components.
Although establishing your own aluminum can recycling company requires huge startup capital and rigorous processes to build your own plant, but it is a fact that it is indeed a profitable venture. The market for recycled aluminum can is large and can accommodate loads of investors. Recycled aluminum cans are used for canning foods, drinks, chemicals, lubricants, oil, industrial gum and much more.
If you have the required capital and are serious about starting your own aluminum can recycling business, then you should take the following steps seriously;

Starting an Aluminum Can Recycling Company – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Write a Business Plan
Establishing your own aluminum can recycling company is indeed a serious business and you would be required to come out with your blue print (Business Plan) before starting this kind of business if indeed you want it to grow and become profitable. In case you don’t have the skills required to write a good business plan, you can work with consultants to help you prepare one, but you would have to pay them a fee to do it for you. It can be expensive, but if you are good with bargaining you can get it cheaper. A good business plan can help you raise capital and partners for your business.
2. Incorporate Your Company
The next reasonable thing for you to do after you must have prepared your business plan is to choose a business name for your company and get it registered with the corporate affairs commission or chamber of commerce in your country. With your certificate of incorporation you can open a corporate account for your aluminum recycling company, and you can as well obtain your Tax Payers ID.
3. Obtain the Required License
You would need to visit the office of the local authority in your area to enquire from them about the kind of license needed to establish your own aluminum can recycle company. The process of obtaining the required license is less cumbersome since most governments want more investors to go into recycling business.
4. Choose a Suitable Location to Build Your Aluminum Recycling Plant
You would be required to choose a suitable location to build your aluminum can recycling plant. If you decide to build your plant in an industrial area, you would enjoy some benefits, but it would be much more expensive compared to building your plant in the outskirt of town. In the bid to cut cost, you can move to areas where you can get cheaper lands for sale or facility to buy.
5. Equip Your Aluminum Recycling Plant
After the construction of your aluminum recycling plant, the next thing to do is to install all the necessary equipments and machinery required to run your company. Here are some of the equipments and machinery needed in your aluminum can recycling plant; Can Baling and Sorting machines, Aluminum and steel Can processing machine, Shredders, Cable Granulators, Catalytic Converter Recycling Machine, Aluminum melting furnace, Processing Wire Looms and Harnesses, Alligator Shears, Aluminum ingot Casting machine, Conveyor Belt System, Power Plant etc. You would also require trucks for conveying your used Cans from pickup points to your plant.
6. Set up Collection Points
The easiest way to get enough used aluminum cans is to set up strategic pickup points for used aluminum cans. If you are creative with your collection process, you would get more than enough aluminum cans for recycling. You can as well create reward systems for students if they gather enough used aluminum cans for you. Another means of getting loads of used aluminum cans is to enter a deal with waste management board of your state since a large chunk of used aluminum cans normally ends in their dump site.
7. Hire Competent Workers
You can’t possibly handle this kind of business alone, hence you would need competent hands to help you build the business. You would need truck drivers to help you collect empty aluminum cans from your pickup points; as well as people to work in your plant (both skilled and unskilled employees). Do not also forget to have in place very dogged marketers and administrative employees.
8. Market Your Products
The major markets for recycled aluminum cans are those that are into food processing. Your target market should be companies that are into the manufacturing of processed foods, lubricants, insecticides, industrial gum, polish, drinks, milk et al. The fact that recycled aluminum cans are safe and cheap makes it less stressful to convince companies to patronize you.
It is indeed a fact that establishing aluminum cans recycle business is quite demanding, but it is indeed a very lucrative business and the market for its end products is huge. The growth potential for this kind of business is positive because of the advantages of recycling used aluminum cans.

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