8 Steps To Become a Spa and Massage Resort

Would you like to enjoy the freedom and creativity that comes with being your own boss? What about having the satisfaction of owning a business that helps people experience more happiness, health, and well-being? And what about earning a profit and take home pay up to $100,000 per year? That is what you get when you start your own spa and massage resort.
Starting your own spa and massage resort business means you will be entering a growing industry that generates over $11 billion per year in revenue. If this sounds like something you want to plunge into, this post is for you. I advice you read on to learn the steps involved in starting a successful spa and massage resort.

Starting a Spa and Massage Resort – Sample Business Plan Template

1. Define your services
The first step to starting a spa and massage resort business is to define the extent of services you will offer. However, you must bear in mind that the more the services you offer, the more likely you are to require special equipment that can be expensive. When you are just starting out, you should consider rendering basic services like massage, aromatherapy, body wraps, manicures, body scrubs, and so on.
2. Write a business plan
Another very important step towards starting a successful spa and massage resort is to write a comprehensive business plan that details everything about the business including how you plan to start it and run it after its launch.
Your business plan will contain an overview of your business, an analysis of your target market and competition, a breakdown of your startup costs and expected earnings, a description of your marketing strategy and unique selling proposition, and other vital pieces of information about your business. Here is a sample spa business plan template you can use for FREE.

Writing a business plan has many advantages. It serves as a guide, leading you as you take steps towards getting your spa business off the ground. It gives you a lot of insight into the market and helps you prepare well before taking a plunge. It helps you keep on track as you try to grow your business after its launch. And, should you required third-party funding, it sends signals to investors and lenders that you really understand the business and that the business is worth supporting.
3. Complete all legal requirements
Register the name of your spa and massage resort business with your local business registration office. Contact a Certified Public Accountant, seasoned attorney or business consultant familiar with spa businesses to figure out which legal structure will be most suitable for your business. Business legal structures include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.
Find out about the licenses and permits that new businesses are required to obtain. These requirements vary by city, state, and country, so be sure to get your findings right. Ask your health department if a pre-opening inspection is required. And contact your state’s revenue service regarding a sales tax license.
4. Find a good location
Choosing a location is one of the most important elements that will lead you down the path toward building a successful spa and massage resort business. Of course, the quality of services you render as well as customer satisfaction are the ultimate keys to the success of your business. But choosing a good location will give your business all the exposure it needs for potential customers to find it easily.
For most spas and massage resorts, you will require 1000-2000 square feet or more. Make sure to find a location with lots of parking space and lots of daily foot and car traffic. Strip malls and shopping malls are good locations because they attract massive foot traffic.

5. Purchase and install your equipment
Order the required equipment and fixtures for your spa and massage resort. Contact reputable suppliers of spa equipment that includes massage tables, facial steamers, and other treatment-specific fixtures. More importantly, be sure to install the equipment in such a way that they blend ergonomically with your spa’s environment.
7. Hire staff
The success of your spa and massage resort business hinges partly on the quality of your employees. So, be sure to find skilled and capable employees with prior experience at a spa or other related business.
8. Market your business and open your doors
This is where a beauty salon & spa marketing plan comes in handy. Market your business using both offline and online advertisement media. Print and distribute fliers and handbills. Advertise in local newspapers and health magazines. Open a website to establish an online presence for your business. And advertise online through blogs, forums, and through pay-per-click ad campaigns.
Finally you should pen your doors for business, and welcome customers by pampering them with introductory spa package pricing.

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