4 Simple Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Making money blogging is definitely possible but do you really know the different ways to monetise your blog? The main thing that a lot of newbies doesn’t know is that a blog can be monetised by a lot of ways. When you create a website, you can monetise it with advertising or a few other ideas but with a blog, the possibilities are endless. Setting up a blog and monetising it is pretty easy, but you need a large audience and traffic. Blogging can be definitely profitable and fun!
Here are some ways to monetise your blog:

1. Advertising

This is probably the most popular way to make money from a blog. You can advertise by using text link ads, by placing banner ads and, etc. You can promote your own product, an affiliate program or any type of ad network. You can also try banner advertising, you can place banners on your blog and promote your product or someone else’s product. You can sell ad spaces as well, this is called ‘’direct advertising’’ where you sell spots on your blogs to advertisers. The rate that you can charge depends on the quality and quantity of your traffic. You can also try Google Adsense and try to make money from getting clicks. I recommend using Google Adsense when you start

2. Affiliate Marketing

You can promote products by doing some email marketing or writing reviews or even placing advertising banners. Promoting affiliate products do convert well but can be hit and miss sometimes, it really depends on the techniques you use. I would suggest creating a review blog and writing reviews about them while inserting your affiliate links. The commissions you get depends on the merchant that you will use, and you can get anywhere from 30% to 75% of commission of the product’s real price.

3. Review Posts

You can write product reviews on products, or you can only review blogs or any kind of services that are available online. A lot of blog owners also accept paid surveys where they allow services, product owners to advertise their business on their blog. If you have enough skills, you can write the review yourself, but you can always request the buyer to write the review.

4. Email Marketing

A lot of Internet marketers love blogging because they promote their products on their blogs and create a massive list of hungry subscribers. Building a list is fundamental to make money online, and you can easily create a list by blogging.

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