Six tips For blogging with a purpose

What do you think about when you start writing your next post? Before you even begin, know why you’re doing it so you can stand out from the crowd. Why do you write? Do you need filler text, so your blog doesn’t go without being updated for more than a day? Are you interested in promoting goods or convincing your audience to buy something? Are you trying to express yourself and make a meaningful statement? Are you trying to generate discussion?

Whatever your intentions, make sure you have a plan before you start writing. Here are five tips on how to start blogging with a purpose:

1. Choose A Tagline

By far, the most critical thing in clarifying what your blog is about is to choose a tagline. You won’t believe how many bloggers fail to do this small yet dangerous thing.

2. Make A Statement About Who You Are

The biggest trial is to convey a message about why you’re blogging. Keep your message focused on your readers and give them a good reason to visit the blog and read your content. It’s the purpose, the benefit, the “what’s in it for me” statement that creates meaning for your readers.

3. Know Your Audience

When writing your posts, always ask yourself who you’re writing for. Are you targeting experienced professionals or average users? Are they just readers or potential clients? Having a clear idea of your readers is essential because it helps you determine if you’re accomplishing your goal or not.

4. Let The Content Be King

Most bloggers try to achieve more things at a time, like having people read their content, subscribe to their lists and RSS feeds, browse the archives, click on affiliate links and more. I believe that blogs, although they have multiple goals, should have only one primary objective: to be read. Content should be the main focus because if you can engage readers to interact on your blog, you will be able to meet all the other goals.

5. Share Your Knowledge

The core objective of blogging is a demonstration of value. Each article you write should reinforce the reasons why somebody should read your blog and convince new visitors why they should listen to what you have to say. Just like anything else in the world, if you share your knowledge and help people solve their problems, it will pay back through recognition, which will help you grow your business.

6. Associate With Winners

Most certainly, there are bloggers with broader audiences in your niche that are seen as thought leaders. Writing a post that reveals how your own ideas intersect with their views creates a positive association and possibly a relationship with that blogger.


In essence, your primary goal is to create long a term relationship with your audience, attract repeat visitors, demonstrate your expertise and create value. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, a lot of time and creativity.

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