Calling all the real players in SA - put your money where your mouth is!

Forgive my departure from the norm here, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… SOMEONE HAS TO SAY SOMETHING!

I don’t like writing this - it pains me to do so, but I’m sick and tired of our very own “successful entrepreneurs” doing precious little to share even a tiny bit of their success to spur others here on to the same [and higher] levels.

The topic is always a touchy one - funding for new businesses. Although this happens in all industries, in this context, I’m referring specifically to new tech and web development opportunities where SA has some amazing talent just waiting to be unleashed on the world, but instead these guys and girls sit trapped in a 9 to 5 job with no room to breathe, let alone move, and their awesome ideas sometimes never see light of day or get given a chance to grow to their full potential

We often ask “How can it be that young creative entrepreneurs struggle to find funding?” Okay, so we can’t expect the government to help [too much else to do]. Or banks [too much risk]. Or private equity players [too much effort]. Or seemingly even venture capitalists [exactly what is their problem?]

So I thought that if we could count on anyone, it would be guys who have already walked that road. It incensed me recently, no… Utterly OUTRAGED me to hear that even these guys have turned their backs - thinking rather of their own wallets and ’safer’ opportunities. They are perfectly positioned to help [experience, contacts, cash, understanding] but just couldn’t be bothered to make a difference! Even going so far as to put down the country for its lack of progress and “global” opportunities!? Excuse me? Then get off your backside, put your money where your mouth is and do something about it!!! Yes - you know who you are guys. Don’t stuff around blogging about Facebook and other useless trash or building mediocre businesses that have about as much potential to change the world as the Teletubbies have of restoring peace to Zimbabwe.

Think of magnesium: an amazing catalyst when placed in water - and the hydrogen it creates, seemingly out of nowhere. Guys, if you want to be a catalyst - don't sit around waiting for the perfect glass of water - just jump in the water you’ve been given, with the tools you have - and help make some magic happen.


Put the fun back in funding!

I think the reason why VC’s shy away from is because to them, its all about the tangible cash returns. And our local “success stories” I’m talking to here have somehow managed to pick up the same terrible thought-pattern [this is what kills innovation and vision]. Can I say this - big picture view for anyone even remotely interested in making a difference - while its all about the money, its actually got nothing to do with the money!!!

So what if it takes a few hundred thousand or even a million bucks to pour into a small innovative company with some amazing minds - and just let them run with the horses for a year, why not do it? Just think what could happen if it works! And even if its a write-off in financial terms - so what? That’s not a lot of money to you, is it? No. But imagine the learnings, the publicity, the contacts… what would the rest of the world say about you, your company, our country, and our deep desire for success at all cost? This could change the nation!

If you don’t know any people like this to invest in [and I know you do] then and I’ll give you a few good starting points.

You have all the tools and resources… you’ve already overcome the fear of failure in getting where you are. Why not dare to defy comfort and convenience! Step out and take a chance! What are you really afraid of losing?

There are some things more important than just money, aren’t there?

If this post has offended you… GOOD! At least that means I’m starting to get through to you. I’ve written this with good cause, and I know there are many others out there who feel the same way [and who can't

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