2018 New Keyword "Blorganic" – The only way to grow your blog

I know, that’s my sad attempt at creating my own word grow my blog organic. Hmmm, makes me want to patent that. Wait, should it be blorganic?  My 1 dollar request after reading this article, write your own blog post about this 2018 new keyword "Blorganic",  don't forget to link Steps To Become. 

What is Blorganic?

Let people find your blog instant of instead of inviting people to your blog, in other words, bringing people to your blog that are interested in what your blog is about.
Anyway, how many of you have made a sad attempt in growing your blog or website? Judging by the questions I get from here, the posts made by many folks on various forums, and the insane amount of marketing about SEO shortcuts and alike, I’m guessing many of us have tried fast track our way to success.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Look, I’m guilty as well. Even though I firmly believe nothing will work in the long-term other than growing your blog organically, I’m still curious enough to see if someone has figured out some magic formula. My expectations are usually meagre otherwise I would be disappointed every time.

In my opinion, if you’re an individual or small company, save your time and money and ignore those ads! Things like buying backlinks or link exchanges may work well for the big guys trying to move up on SERP, but they won’t do much to sustain success for the small fry.

How to grow your blog organically (Blorganic)

So instead of paying for a shortcut (and sometimes very expensive) service, I recommend a simple, methodical system that will drive long-term success.
  1. Write quality articles consistently
  2. Comment on other like-niche sites
  3. Write guest articles on other like-niche sites
  4. Participate in do follow forums

Really, that’s all there is to it. That said, doing all of those things will take a lot of time. But hey, if you can make it past the painful period of writing for an audience of one (usually at least three months), then it will pay off.

Notice I didn’t explicitly state that you should seek out do follow sites to comment and write guest articles for. Although I prefer to follow, the real purpose of those activities is to spread the word about your expertise and build relationships with people. A do follow backlink would merely be a bonus.

In other words, you are doing work to create a natural following. No gimmicks; just your own personal sweat equity. That’s what I call being blorganic.

So are you blorganic?

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